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The world's most advanced range of sustainable drinking water solutions are ideal for healthcare facilities - get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Providing patients, staff and visitors with healthy water is important, but you don’t need to compromise your facility’s sustainability targets by renewing your traditional water-cooler contract or providing single-use plastic water bottles. Why not consider a mains-fed drinking water system from Zip Water?

Our industry leading range of mains-fed dispensers provide a user-safe and sustainable solution to single-use plastic bottled water. Tailored to your needs, they provide users with a choice of pure-tasting boiling, chilled or sparkling water dispensed at the touch of button. 

Features on selected models include:

●        Safe-to-use functionality - ideal in public areas

●        Accessibility options, ensuring use for all

●        UV Out sterilisation feature, which helps the dispensing area remain free from contamination

●        Filtration options and limescale prevention kits for areas where water quality is a concern

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