Why choose HydroCare®

Why choose HydroCare®

Maintenance plan

For your client’s peace of mind

HydroCare® is our stress-free maintenance plan, which will keep Zip products in the best possible working condition throughout their life, giving complete peace of mind.

Just like when you buy a car or invest in a new boiler, Zip systems will benefit from regular service intervals to maintain high performance levels and to keep the water it dispenses tasting great.

Rather than having to worry about essential servicing and filter changes, HydroCare has it all covered, leaving users to enjoy their Zip product for many years to come.


Why choose HydroCare®

Fast and reliable

We have a fleet of over 80 fully trained, directly employed engineers across the UK – at least one based in every county.

Save money

HydroCare saves you money with every service while ensuring your product maintains its performance through its life.

Pure tasting water

Regular filter changes, sanitisation and maintenance will ensure your Zip product continues to deliver pure-tasting water.

Peace of mind

Take one thing off the to-do list with pre-scheduled services and filter changes


HydroCare can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your home or business.


With almost 70 years’ experience, Zip Water UK is the most trusted name in drinking water solutions

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