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In this day and age the importance of sustainability cannot be underestimated. Increasingly, sustainability is aligned with the objectives and ethos of many organisations - with Zip Water being no exception.

Owned by one of the leading global water companies, Culligan, at Zip we've worked to provide homes and workplaces with safe, clean and sustainable water. But today, the world faced a new range of challenges, from climate change to calls for greater equity. And there challenges require global effort, with individuals, corporations and governments working together to build a better world.

We've set out the steps we as a company have been taking to operate with an environmental and social conscience.

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Commitment 01

Reducing plastic bottle
consumption in the workplace

Our products help people to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic bottles by encouraging the refill of bottles and glasses in both the home and workplace. To promote this refill culture in our own workplace, we provide all employees with Chilly's bottles so they can refill and refresh from our drinking water systems.

Chilly's bottle in the workplace
Chilly's bottle
Electric charging unit

Commitment 02

Lowering our
carbon footprint

At Zip, we have been working to replace all non-electric vehicles with either hybrid or fully electric equivalents. At present, 50% of our overall vehicle fleet are electric-powered and we have numerous charging units installed at our Norfolk office.

50% of our vehicles are electric statistic

Commitment 03

energy-efficient products

Our HydroTaps contain energy efficient features such as a LUX (light) sensor, programmable timer and sleep modes to help conserve energy during periods of low or non-usage. The 5th generation HydroTap also uses a 0% global warming potential R290 refrigerant gas to keep water chilled.

Cutting egde energy efficient hub
2.5 million offices and 6 million homes statistics

Commitment 04

The provision of safer
and cleaner water

As part of the Culligan group, we provide 50 million people with safer and cleaner drinking water annually. We have so far helped to deliver better water to over six million homes and 2.5 million offices in both developed and developing countries.

Commitment 05

Reducing carbon

Our products have been designed to help you achieve a lower carbon footprint. Did you know a kettle produces 73kg of carbon dioxide per year compared to a boiling and chilled HydroTap, which produces just over 25kg of carbon dioxide per year?

Source is www.carbon and internal testing

On average a HydroTap produces 66% less carbon each year than a kettle statistic
28% reduction in carbon dioxide emmissions statistic

Commitment 06

climate change

Our factory in Australia installed solar panels on its roof in 2020 and has already reduced its energy by 30% year on year. In that same year at Zip, we also saw a 28% reduction in CO2 emissions and achieved 28% savings in gas consumption.

Commitment 07

EcoVadis silver medal
for sustainability

EcoVadis is a global sustainability ratings provider and ranks a company's sustainability credentials based on a number of factors. We have achieved a Silver EcoVadis medal, with our score of 63 placing us in the top 12% of companies ranked by EcoVadis.

HydroTap with ISO 14001 and RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC badges
Recycling boxes

Commitment 08


100% of our HydroTap packaging is recyclable and we use 70.4% of recycled materials for our packaging overall. We have also introduced a CO2 canister recycling scheme where customers can return their empty CO2 canisters to us free of charge for recycling.

Return your co2 canister here
Carbon dioxide canister 100% HydroTap packaging and 70% of overall packagaing is recyclable statistics

Commitment 09


Our HydroTaps feature an air-cooled chilling system to eliminate the need for water in the cooling process.

Water droplet background Cooling process icon
HydroCare team

Commitment 10

product lifecycle

Our products are built to last from highly durable materials. We also offer a service and maintenance plan from our HydroCare team who are committed to ensuring all products continue to deliver pure-tasting water over their lifetime.

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