The Zip Hydrochill

Zip HydroChill is a new range of flexible, high-capacity, chilled water dispensers.

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The HydroChill Range

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Demand more from your drinking water system.

Introducing our new range of filtered chilled water systems for medium to large office and commercial locations, where demand is high and sustainability is vital.

HydroChill is a range of flexible, high-capacity, chilled water systems, which completely remove the need for unsustainable, expensive plastic bottled water thanks to superior filtration technology. So, unlimited hydration for employees and guests not only means a healthier, more productive workplace but a greener business.

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Drink responsibly.

The horrifying damage that plastic does to the environment has been well-publicised, with particular emphasis on the over-reliance on single-use plastic bottles. As the person responsible for providing drinking water solutions for the workplace, or other commercial environments, you can have a direct impact on reducing that business’ plastic waste. By saying no to one-use plastic bottles and choosing a filtered drinking water system with refillable bottles instead, you are doing your bit for the environment and the health of the user.

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Zip Filtration

Zip MicroPurity and UV Out filtration systems.

Zip MicroPurity high capacity filtration is included as standard on all HydroChill models. UV Out filtration is available on selected models and acts as a strong steriliser, preventing the growth of bacteria at the dispensing point, where bottles come into contact with the tap.

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