Why HydroCare?

Why HydroCare Service Plans?

When you buy a Zip HydroTap, you're investing in a quality boiling water tap that is an integral part of your everyday life.

Just like any crucial kitchen appliance, it's important to have peace of mind that when the time comes to change the filter, service your boiling water tap or if you need us for anything else, you're back up and running with minimal effort and inconvenience.

That's why we provide a number of flexible and cost-effective boiling tap service plans, providing you with great-tasting drinking water throughout your product's lifetime.

*All HydroCare service plans are available to pay by monthly direct debit. HydroCare Refresh must be paid in full annually.

After June 2024 we have limited ability to continue to supply all the spare parts for our G3 HydroTap models. We will continue to support your product for as long as we can. In any instances where we cannot, we will offer you an exclusive trade deal for one of our latest, more efficient models.

What is limescale?

Over 60% of people in the UK live in a hard water area. Hard water is water that contains a higher concentration of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium. When the water evaporates, it leaves behind calcium carbonate deposits.

These limescale deposits build up around the heating element and surrounding area which causes your boiling water tap to work less efficiently and can lead to premature failure whilst affecting the quality of your hot drinks.

Limescale management helps with longevity of your hot tap and is a must for those who live in hard water areas.

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Refresh Kit

HydroCare Refresh

The convenient DIY service kits contain all the necessary parts and an easy to follow step by step guide to help you change the filter and complete a basic for just £120 for the HydroCare Refresh Kit.

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*Reduced rate compared to the normal advertised cost. Parts not included in this fee.


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