House Curious

Interior stylist and Instagrammer reduces single-use plastic waste while retaining style in her beautiful home

The brief
House Curious

A stunning tap that caters for both filtered boiling and chilled water – as well as hot and cold – was needed for a family home that also doubles up as a film and photoshoot venue.

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Our solution

Interior stylist and online retailer of all things homely (and beautiful!), Sommer Pyne or ‘House Curious’ as she is known in the online world, certainly has an envy-inducing home. A stunning six-bedroomed Victorian property in Wandsworth Common, the interior is a clever mix of classic and modern, light and dark, and the result is a striking family home.

House Curious - Our Solution

Originally from Australia, Sommer wanted to create the space, light and openness often seen in Australian properties. The kitchen achieves just that - pale grey marble is complemented by gold accents and a large island includes quirky features such as a sunken herb trough. The outside is brought inside thanks to huge glass doors opening out onto the large garden, but even with the doors closed, there is still a feeling of being at one with nature. Sommer makes sure plenty of greenery fills the space, with large plants and cleverly-placed racks over the kitchen table, from which more foliage is hung. The result is a modern, fresh style but with plenty of personality. With a young family and a business to run from home, Sommer values products that are time-saving. Having previously had a boiling water tap in her kitchen, she knows how convenient they are when making drinks and preparing food, but having access to filtered chilled water had become increasingly important. “It got to the point where I was feeling so ashamed of how many bottles of water I was buying every week,” Sommer explains. “We drink a lot of water as a family, but the amount of plastic that comes with buying ‘nice tasting’ water is ridiculous. I’ve been used to having boiling water on-tap for a while, so I knew that the next logical step was to have a tap that also allowed us to have filtered chilled water too.” Sommer’s house is not only used as inspiration for her blog, but it is also a shoot venue and has been the location for numerous projects. With this in mind, Sommer needed a product that not only delivered the water she wanted, but it needed to look as stylish as possible. “It was important that I found a tap that fitted in well with my kitchen. The choice of styles and colours Zip has available is incredible! It was actually quite an easy choice for me though as I have gold as an accent colour in the kitchen, so I chose the HydroTap G4 All-in-One Arc in brushed gold. I love the fact that I just have one tap to do everything - filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water as well as hot and cold for washing up - as it means I can retain my uncluttered style. “The five water types has been a revelation for the whole household! We all enjoy the filtered chilled water, and I no longer have ‘plastic guilt’. The filtered sparkling water is so useful when entertaining and for making healthier ‘fizzy’ drinks for the children.” Thanks to Sommer’s impeccable taste - and conscience - we may see the tap on-screen or in a magazine soon.

House Curious - Testimonial by Sommer Pyne
The results

"I love the fact that I just have one tap to do everything - filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water as well as hot and cold for washing up - as it means I can retain my uncluttered style."

Sommer Pyne , Interior Stylist
House Curious

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