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Zip HydroTap for work

Get to know our HydroTap range, designed to meet the varying demands of busy workplaces, from SMEs to large-scale, multi-storey offices. Discover the model, water function, capacity and finish combination that perfectly complements your needs.

Looking for a stand-out boiling tap for the office? The HydroTap is so much more than a simple instant boiling water tap – it is the ultimate workplace hydration system. It's no secret that drinking more filtered water increases concentration, reduces downtime and fuels creativity, all while keeping staff happy and healthy.

Filtered drinking water only (no unfiltered hot and cold)

Zip HydroTap Arc

Zip HydroTap Cube

Zip HydroTap Classic

Zip HydroTap Elite

Zip HydroTap Industrial

Filtered drinking water with built in unfiltered hot and cold

Zip HydroTap Celsius Arc

Zip HydroTap Celsius Cube

Zip HydroTap All-in-one Classic

Zip HydroTap All-in-one Celsius Arc

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