ITV installs Zip HydroChill systems in its London offices providing the perfect solution for large-scale events and functions

The brief

As the largest commercial television network in the UK, ITV employ some of the best and brightest in the industry. Creating a collaborative and innovative working environment and keeping staff at the top of their game is a priority for the broadcaster.

With the knowledge that a hydrated workforce is happier, healthier and more productive, ITV know not to cut corners when it comes to their drinking water solutions. Over 20 of our HydroTap G4’s provide filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water across ITV’s London offices. However, the management team also needed a suitable drinking water solution to cater for regular large-scale events, functions and meetings.

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Our solution

ITV installed HydroChill units in two of their London offices – Waterhouse Square and Grays Inn Road – to provide their catering teams with access to a system that could supply refreshing filtered chilled and sparkling water at a high capacity, quickly and efficiently.

ITV - Our Solution

Christopher O’Reilly, workplace services operations and compliance manager explains: “We have a great relationship with Zip which started due to the number of HydroTaps installed in our offices at Southbank. It made sense to carry on that relationship when we moved to our new location, and when we were looking for a different system for the catering team Zip had already proven the longevity and quality of their products to us.” Large events and functions at ITV had previously been a struggle. Providing chilled filtered and sparkling water for to up to 150 visitors was a time-consuming task and it was a challenge to meet demands. “We decided to install the HydroChill units as they provided the perfect solution for our problem. So far there’s been a very positive response. The catering teams are particularly happy because they can now provide an improved and more efficient service.”

ITV - Testimonial by Christopher O'Reilly
The results

"“The HydroChill is a perfect fit for our offices, particularly as sustainability is very important to us as a company. Since moving from our Southbank offices, we have cut out usage of paper cups completely and only have reusable glasses and mugs. The HydroChill is another solution where we can help create a greener office.” It’s no wonder after the success of the HydroTap at ITV that the HydroChill has proven to be just as popular."

Christopher O'Reilly , Workplace Services Operations & Compliance Manager

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