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Experience water at its best with the 5th generation Zip HydroTap

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The HydroTap Range

Discover the world's most advanced drinking water system


Boiling, chilled and sparkling, all delivered at the touch of a button.

We offer widest choice of water options on the market. Choose your preferred combination of instant filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water plus unfiltered hot and cold water, or all five water types from one single tap. It's water, any way you want it.

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Setting the pace in time saving, energy saving, water conserving and user safe technology, the HydroTap is truly cutting-edge. Perfected over 70 years of development and innovation, the HydroTap G5 has exclusive features to save energy, water and time.

- MicroPurity filters work to remove particles larger than 0.2 micron such as cysts, lead and microplastics.
- Infrared touch-free operation on the HydroTap Wave for enhanced hygiene.
- Energy-saving settings, such as sleep when inactive.
- Boiling safety locks prevent accidental dispensing of boiling water.
- SteriTouch® antimicrobial treatment in key components of the water path and on the Classic Plus touchpad to ensure 99.99% of bacteria is killed.

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Built to last

We only provide the highest quality, most robust products. Our rigorous standards and third party accreditations mean you can trust in every single system we produce.

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For home and work

With HydroTap models for home and for work, you’ll be able to find you perfect drinking water solution from Zip. Our workplace HydroTaps can dispense up to 240 cups of boiling water and 175 cups of chilled and sparkling water per hour. Users benefit from touch-of-a-button convenience, saving precious time.

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Air-cooled system.
Power-pulse technology. Auto-diagnostics.

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