Time Inc. UK

Time Inc. UK install 14 Zip HydroTap Classic units into breakout areas at their new London HQ.

The brief
Time Inc. UK

With a staff force brimming with talented journalists, designers, marketers and advertising pros, sharp, creative minds are in abundance. To keep those minds on top form, Time Inc. UK knew that a high performance hydration solution was key.

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Our solution

Jenny Noon, facilities and real estate director and Steve Fox, head of facilities, know the importance of quality drinks in the workplace. That’s why, for the past decade, Zip’s HydroTaps have been the firm’s drinking appliance of choice.

Time Inc. UK - Our Solution

As of 2017, 19 commercial Zip HydroTap Classics – dispensing filtered boiling and chilled water – keep 1300 employees hydrated across six of the company’s locations. These include London’s award-winning Blue Fin Building on Southwark St. and the recently fitted 161 Marsh Wall in Canary Wharf. But it wasn’t always that way, says Jenny: “Before being aware of Zip, we used kettles and cooled water bottle systems – and we had a lot of issues with the water bottles! They were a pain to store, with spare and empty bottles always lying around, they looked awful and staff found them difficult to handle.” “They were very heavy,” Steve adds. “People sometimes dropped them, creating a huge mess if they split. They didn’t always keep cold either; sometimes the cooling system would fail or if they were near sunlight, the water would heat up and go green!” Aware that a change was needed, Time Inc. UK was introduced to Zip in 2007 through their architects TP Bennett. “We needed a more efficient, safer and reliable way of providing boiling and chilled water. So when TP Bennett began fitting out the Blue Fin Building and suggested we switch to the HydroTap, we were sold,” Steve explains. Jenny adds: “The HydroTap is discreet and sleek, but really functional. As well as looking better, it wins over water bottles in every sense. They don’t require deliveries, so are a greener option, don’t run out and the water’s always cold. It’s also great ditching the kettles; no more waiting around for the water to boil and no more safety risks. We haven’t come across anything that’s better.” It comes as no surprise that when the business decided to open an additional office at Marsh Wall in January 2017, six Zip HydroTaps were fitted; one for each kitchen.

Time Inc. UK - Testimonial by Steve Fox
The results

"We looked at lots of options and brands but having trialled various taps including the HydroTap, we concluded Zip was the best on the market. They looked fantastic, were easy to use and offered the best capacity."

Steve Fox , Head of Facilities
Time Inc. UK

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