The Office Group

Shared office pioneer hydrates members with the Zip HydroTap

The brief
The Office Group

Launched in 2003 by Olly Olsen and Charlie Green, The Office Group pioneered the concept of shared workspace in response to a fast-changing commercial world. Today the company boasts 17,000 members and over 40 locations, 31 of which are in London.

Beautiful workspaces and vibrant communal areas foster creativity and collaboration among members, from app creators and entrepreneurs, all the way to financiers and architects.

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Our solution

Central to the company’s success are the excellent facilities available to aid office productivity, making members want to return again & again - as we all know, hydration plays a large part in productivity, concentration & brain function. When choosing an advanced, sophisticated drinking water solution for staff & members, Zip Water fit the bill. Now, 27 locations house up to 13 HydroTap All-in-One Classic models, each providing instant filtered boiling & chilled water – plus unfiltered hot & cold.

The Office Group - Our Solution

TOG’s Piero Catania recalls: “We wanted a mains-fed drinking water system from the off to avoid the hassle and safety defects that so often come with portable appliances like kettles. With no PAT testing necessary, HydroTaps are hassle-free.” As each TOG building is individually designed to reflect its unique architectural history and identity, it is essential that the taps seamlessly blend in and enhance their interiors. Zip does just that, says Piero: “Mainly we've opted for the Classic in chrome, but it depends on the location. In the contemporary kitchens of the Wardour Building this looks perfect, but the more minimal, modern interior of Thomas House called for a matt black finish.” However, they're not just there to be looked at, says Piero, they're functional, too: “What we like so much about the HydroTap is how user-friendly it is; members can use ours intuitively. Over the years we've had positive feedback about the taste and there would be uproar if they were out of use.” “In fact,” he adds, “we have service contracts for all 27 of our buildings so if anything goes wrong the Zip team will respond quickly. It's necessary to have this in place considering how many teas and coffees the taps produce.” It is thanks to HydroCare, Zip's service plan, that The Office Group benefits from this priority service, as well as regular unit inspections and filter changes to ensure all products remain in the best condition.

The Office Group - Testimonial by Piero Catania
The results

"Priding itself on creating functional, beautiful spaces for working, collaborating and meeting, Zip fits in seamlessly with The Office Group's ethos. Piero concludes: “Knowing we can always rely on Zip to provide sophisticated hydration to our members is why we choose them time and time again.” "

Piero Catania , Facility Manager

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