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Most advanced NEW HydroTap range offers energy efficiency and hygienic workplace benefits

Most advanced NEW HydroTap range offers energy efficiency and hygienic workplace benefits

Responding to the need for energy-smart and hygiene-focused workplaces comes our latest innovation – the new 5th generation of HydroTap.

Powered by our most advanced command centre yet, the Zip HydroTap range comes with a raft of impressive features, making it our best ever drinking water system to date. 

Pioneering Zip technology

  • Energy efficient technology such as PowerPulse™ that eliminates water waste and a sleep function that saves energy when not in use.
  • SteriTouch® antimicrobial treatment* is impregnated in key components in the water path and new Classic Plus tap touchpad, killing 99.99% of bacteria.
  • Improved user interface tailored to your preferred settings, enabling easier customisation and the ability to check remaining filter life and CO2 levels (on sparkling models).
  • Environmentally-friendly R290 gas is used to meet recommended environmental best-practice guidance.
  • Industry-leading MicroPurity 0.2 micron filtration system removes microplastics, dirt, lead, 99.9% of microbiological cysts and 97% of chlorine for pure-tasting drinking water.
  • Air-cooled system eliminates the use of water in the cooling process, making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious.

This pioneering under-the-counter system is then partnered with one of our sleek and streamlined HydroTaps which are positioned either over-sink or on the countertop with the addition of a font.

The latest range of taps 

There are five tap designs to choose from in our latest range - including our two latest hygiene focused models - which dispense the purest tasting instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water:

  • HydroTap Classic Plus with the antimicrobial SteriTouch touch-pad
  • HydroTap Classic Plus All-in-One, combining the features of the ClassicPlus with the added benefit of unfiltered hot and cold water for washing up
  • HydroTap Classic Plus with Arc Mixer featuring the ClassicPlus teamed up with the elegantly designed Arc Mixer tap
  • HydroTap Touch Free Wave, which is operated by 100% touch-free infrared sensors, reducing touchpoints in the workplace
  • HydroTap Touch Free Wave with Arc Mixer, featuring the Touch Free Wave alongside the splash free elegant curve-shaped Arc Mixer tap

Having easy access and dispensing of filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water encourages workplace hydration which not only boosts mood and productivity but promotes staff wellbeing. On top of this, the innovative HydroTap systems are also conducive to an environmentally positive refill-culture, negating the use for single-use plastics.

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*SteriTouch® is a registered trademark of Radical Materials Ltd

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