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Prepare to eradicate single-use plastic bottles in the public sector

Prepare to eradicate single-use plastic bottles in the public sector

Single-use plastic waste is a global problem that we need to address imminently. Out of the near 300 million tonnes of plastic created each year, an estimated 50 percent is used once and thrown away, ending up in landfills, oceans or the environment[1].

If we keep using plastic as we are today, we can expect to see 12 billion tonnes of waste by 2050, heading us further towards a ‘planet plastic’[2].

The public sector, as influential organisations, need to work together to tackle the plastic crisis to create a visible and tangible change. But with such a huge task ahead of the many individuals and teams who are responsible – facilities managers, sustainability officers, procurement professionals, headteachers, hospital boards and more – it can be difficult to know where to start.

Our brand-new e-book has been designed to guide the public sector in their fight to make positive changes for the environment. Balancing sustainability with wellbeing, the e-book will explain why addressing your drinking water provision to reduce your reliance on single-use plastic water bottles is a great start.


What we’ll cover:

·        In three separate sections, we’ll tailor content for the public sector as a whole, as well as healthcare and education facilities

·        Statistics to get a better picture of the public sector as it is today

·        Case studies and Q+A’s from influential organisations who have successfully eradicated or significantly reduced their single-use plastic bottle waste

·        Informative articles to help you adopt a more sustainable approach to plastics in your facility

·        The Zip Water solution – how we can help you


Turn the tide on plastic in your facility for good. Download our sustainability in the public sector e-book today.




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