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Workplace design: making the kitchen homely and healthy

Workplace design: making the kitchen homely and healthy

We spoke to top interior designers Russell and Jordan from 2LG Studio, on their perception of the evolving workplace kitchen and their thoughts on how to make it a creative and homely space.

How is the office kitchen changing to become more of a welcoming space?

Increasingly we find that work and life are becoming more closely linked. No one wants to work in a clinical office environment, so creativity is becoming more and more important in the new workplace where AI will soon be having a major impact. So how do we bring more homely vibes into an office environment? The answer for us is texture. Mixed metals, natural stone, warm brushed brass adding softness, wood and plenty of plants. These are the things that set a space apart, creating a welcoming, tactile atmosphere.

How can architects and specifiers incorporate ‘sustainable design’ within their latest office kitchen project?

There are plenty of sustainable materials out there such as bamboo, cork, recycled plastics and vegan leather. There are so many incredible new materials available and they are no longer experimental but are becoming mainstream. They really are great alternatives and add to a sense of wellbeing in any office environment. Energy efficient lighting and appliances also add to this sustainability and products like the Zip HydroTap - which has an auto-sleep function and maintains its water temperature - are a great example.

The provision of drinking water in a commercial building is so important, how can both the style and function boxes be ticked?

Work spaces need to cater to many different tastes and needs and personal health is rightly becoming more and more important. A healthy team means better productivity and quality of work, so filtered water is a must in the modern workplace. Thankfully, there are now many more options available rather than just the ugly water cooler! Specifiers should look for a mains-fed system that fits in with the space available.

How can architects and specifiers help to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles in a workplace?

By installing a mains-fed drinking water system such as a Zip HydroTap, which features the very best in filtration technology, you can encourage your team to stop using single-use plastic at work. Invest in some personalised re-useable bottles or keep cups for your staff to nurture the right ideas. It starts with the smallest things.

What are your key trend predictions for workplace design for 2019?

More home-from-home spaces. More clever use of colour to energise the space. Recycled plastic surfaces, vegan lunches and a move towards alternatives to wool and leather, which damage the planet.

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