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6 steps to facilities management in the post-pandemic world

Summer 2021

Report summary

The challenges presented by the pandemic are providing a valuable opportunity for FM's to demonstrate their skills and adaptability. On a practical level they are responsible for making buildings safe and comfortable, but they are also crucial in attracting people back to the office. They are a lynchpin in the success of the return to work strategy. In speaking with industry leaders, it is clear that there are six key areas of focus. This white paper looks at each one, suggesting ways that facilities managers can tackle the complexities and pace of a return to the workplace, whilst demonstrating clear and effective leadership along the way.

Preparing for the return to the workplace

Read insights from leading facilities managers in the industry on how successfully return to the workplace post-pandemic. Staff health and wellbeing as well as hygienic surroundings and environmental sustainability are goals on the top of of the agenda for FMs. Find out the answer to hitting these targets in our new whitepaper.

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