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Eradicate single-use plastic water bottles with a Zip HydroChill

Eradicate single-use plastic water bottles with a Zip HydroChill

Is sustainability one of your key objectives for 2020? Known as the responsible bottle filling drinking water solution, the Zip HydroChill range can help eradicate single-use plastic water bottles for good. Here, Shaun Campbell, sales director at Zip Water, explains how a HydroChill can help you to reach sustainability targets in your facility.

Mains-fed dispenser

Mains-fed water dispensers offer a cost-effective solution for facilities and organisations that are searching for an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic water bottles or coolers. Plumbed directly into the mains water supply, they work to transform ordinary tap water into highly filtered, pure tasting water without a single plastic bottle in sight.

Helping the public sector to reduce reliance on single-use plastic bottles is a key objective for us here at Zip. Our HydroChill range provides easily accessible mains-fed drinking water for organisations of all sizes, eradicating the need for single-use plastic water bottle waste. Models in the range, such as the HydroChill HC20 and HydroChill HC50, can provide up to 200 750ml bottles of pure-tasting filtered chilled, sparkling or ambient water an hour – and with floor standing, counter-top or under-counter dispensers to choose from, the range ensures there's something for all requirements.

Highly filtered water

By removing residual chemicals, particles and other bacteria, mains water filters work to provide tap water that is crystal clear and pure-tasting. This can encourage users to drink more, as well as enabling facilities to decrease reliance on expensive and damaging single-use plastic water bottles.

Thanks to its 3 micron MicroPurity filtration, the HydroChill delivers perfectly chilled water of the highest quality. Unlike traditional carbon blocks, MicroPurity filtration works by combining carbon and sediment blocks into one cartridge to remove chemicals and contaminants from the incoming water supply to ensure what’s dispensed is as pure tasting as possible.

We also offer UV Out filtration on selected HydroChill models. Working to prevent the growth of bacteria at the dispensing point where bottles come into contact with the tap, UV Out filtration has anti-bacterial capabilities, minimising the risk of retro-contamination. This ensures suitability for areas where safety and hygiene are top priorities, such as healthcare and local authority buildings.

Optional glassware and reusable bottles

The demands of everyday life can cause people to subconsciously choose the simplest decision – even if it goes against your sustainability strategy. Make the simplest decisions the easiest by ensuring the facility is properly equipped with enough cups or glasses for users to quickly refresh with. Alongside the HydroChill, we offer a collection of high-quality reusable glass bottles to ensure a professional and eco-friendly image. They can be branded with your company logo or message in high-quality wash proof print.

At Zip, we’re so passionate about the fight to ban single-use plastic water bottles that we are incorporating up to 20 Chilly’s bottles in each HydroChill package. Please note the promotion must be quoted when ordering. To find out more information about our products, rental plans or for your bespoke competitive quote, please fill out our enquiry form or contact us on 01362 852247. 

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