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HydroCare explained: discover our unrivalled service plans, including our fixed price one-off service or repair options.

HydroCare explained: discover our unrivalled service plans, including our fixed price one-off service or repair options.

Here at Zip Water, we know how important it is that your drinking water system is always operating at peak performance, delivering the best tasting drinking water. 

To support you, we offer a variety of service plans to suit a range of requirements for Zip HydroTap, HydroChill, HydroBoil, Instanta products and even other brands beyond this. 

This ensures that when the time comes to service or repair your system, change the filter, or if you need anything else, you're back up and running as quickly as possible with minimal effort and inconvenience. 

You can also be assured that your system will be serviced by one of over 100 directly employed HydroCare team members, with genuine spares, parts and filters.

Here, we answer some of our most commonly asked service questions.  


So, what are the service and maintenance options available? 

Depending on the levels of service required, we offer the following: 

  • HydroCare Repair
  • HydroCare Solo 
  • HydroCare Plans 
  • HydroCare Universal 


What’s included in a fixed price repair? 

A fixed price repair visit starts from £250 (dependent on product). This includes the call-out charge, plus all parts and labour; irrelevant of how long we are on site or how many parts are required to get you back up and running.

Why has fixed priced repair been introduced to the HydroCare range? 

New for 2022, our fixed price repair offering has been added to the range to simplify the one-off call out process for both our customers and our team. We know that when it comes to accounting processes, it is often ‘the simpler the better’. 

This guaranteed fixed price repair ensures that there are no surprise costs and we can offer a more streamlined transaction — the cost is transparent from the start, whatever the requirement1

What’s included in HydroCare Solo? 

HydroCare Solo is a one-off filter change and sanitisation service with a Zip HydroCare team member. We recommend this is done on an annual basis to ensure your system is optimised and working at peak performance, but it is particularly important after a period of non-use to get your system back up and running.

As well as installing a genuine new filter, our team will complete a sanitisation of your system to remove the build up of any harmful germs and replace a number of important components.


Why should I consider an ongoing HydroCare plan? 

Our unrivalled HydroCare plans2 offer you complete peace of mind. Plans cover all the requirements you would expect including regular servicing, sanitisation and filter changes (where required). 

Our comprehensive and unbeatable plans tick every box and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

They include: 

  • Taste filter replacement and sanitisation 
  • Genuine parts and labour 
  • Safety and system check 
  • Unlimited call-outs 
  • Annual inspection 
  • Pre-scheduled planned services 
  • Priority response 
  • System replacement and refrigeration guarantee 
  • Optional limescale management 


What is HydroCare Universal? 

We can offer a competitive maintenance contract for any mains fed drinking water system3.

Our highly skilled HydroCare service team can provide servicing on any of your drinking water systems and provide genuine manufacturer spares and parts, even if it is not a Zip product. 

We can offer a tailored service plan whatever your requirement, whether it is for a multifunction tap, mains fed water cooler or another drinking water system. This allows you to reduce the number of suppliers you manage, providing complete peace of mind that you are in the safe hands of the industry experts — our HydroCare team have you covered.


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 1 Refrigeration repairs and replacement is excluded from the fixed price service cost.

 2 HydroCare plans are only available on products 7 years old or younger.

 Not available for bottle coolers, vending machines, coffee machines and some other drinking water systems. Service plan availability is subject to a site survey.



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