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Missing your workplace Zip HydroTap? Get up to 30% off the HydroTap for home range today!

Missing your workplace Zip HydroTap?  Get up to 30% off the HydroTap for home range today!

Working from home is an entirely different experience from working in an office. There’s no fixed working space, no office phone and no face-to-face meetings with colleagues. Instead of walking into your workplace kitchen to get your refreshments, you’re reliant on your home kitchen. It means that you may be missing out on the delights of the all important instant boiling water for your tea or coffee or freshly filtered, great tasting water, that you’re used to having available on tap. 

If you’re one of the 37 percent of employees set to continue working from home regularly post-coronavirus, you may want to start thinking about how you can integrate elements of the office into your home, to make working life more comfortable. But while it can be easy to buy a desk and a separate work phone, if you’re missing your workplace kitchen facilities you may find yourself going without and feeling dehydrated, impacting on everything from your health to your productivity. 

So what can you do? 

As well as being the home of the world’s most advanced drinking water system for offices and workplaces, at Zip we also have a number of outstanding HydroTap designs available for the home. From the elegant Arc to the modern Cube design and seven finishes to choose from, our all in one taps offer users a choice of highly filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, with the option of unfiltered hot and cold water for washing up. 


Discover the HydroTap All-in-One Arc:


Due to the cutting-edge 0.2 micron MicroPurity filtration - 25 times better than a standard water filter jug - the HydroTap delivers the purest-tasting water available in the market. The crystal clear, great tasting water encourages you to keep hydrated - in fact, over 80 percent of HydroTap users report to drinking more water than before*. 

Having irresistible water on tap will not only improve your working day but also your daily life. With a wide choice of water options instantly available, you can save those valuable minutes it would usually take to boil a kettle for a cup of tea or coffee while also being able to speed up your cooking processes. 

And for added peace of mind, you can experience expert maintenance and servicing through our tailored award-winning HydroCare plans. With a number of benefits to ensure you’re always getting the very best out of your Zip system - such as sanitisation, unlimited call-outs and an annual inspection - a HydroCare plan ensures your HydroTap continues to deliver pure tasting water for years to come. 

For a limited time, you can get a brand new HydroTap for home for less. Enquire before the 31st October for an exclusive discount offer - available for employees who use a Zip product in their workplace only. Request your discount HERE
*Statistic based on a survey of 354 owners of residential installed Zip HydroTaps.

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