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Silver for sustainability

Silver for sustainability

We are pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded silver by EcoVadis, a global sustainability ratings provider. This demonstrates our growing commitment to sustainability across all areas of the business.

This achievement places us in the top 12% of companies ranked by EcoVadis. Auditing a range of key areas within the business, from sustainable procurement to labour and human rights, EcoVadis looks at procedures, policies and reporting, and feeds back on areas of strength and any that need improvement.

‘It’s certainly been an incredibly valuable exercise,’ comments Victoria Himsworth, head of marketing at Zip, ‘We are delighted to have been awarded silver status, as we have been working hard to bring a growing focus on not just sustainability, but all of the factors that make up ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) throughout the business.’

‘However, we also know that this is an ongoing process, and we are committed to making further improvements. It’s great to have the report from EcoVadis to help us in our next steps.’

Alongside developing energy efficient products that help to reduce a business’s carbon footprint and minimise the use of single-use plastic bottles, we are making changes in a number of departments.

‘50 percent of our fleet is now electric to help reduce emissions and 100 percent of our HydroTap packaging is now recyclable,’ adds Victoria. ‘We also offer a CO₂ canister recycling scheme, where customers can send back their used canisters and we will recycle them, free of charge. We’re pleased to say that our carbon output is reducing overall, in fact in the year 2020 we saw a 28 percent reduction in CO₂ emissions, which we are of course aiming to build on year by year.’

Find out more about our ESG commitment here.

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