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Zip Water’s DCXNext awarded Product of the Year at the CIBSE West Midlands annual dinner

Zip Water’s DCXNext awarded Product of the Year at the CIBSE West Midlands annual dinner

We are thrilled to announce that DCXNext was awarded the illustrious title of Product of the Year at the CIBSE West Midlands annual dinner.

DCXNext forms part of our instantaneous hot water range for wash basins, baths and showers, called the InLine range. It offers the most energy efficient way to directly heat water electronically, using up to 85% less energy than stored hot water. In fact it has an ERP A rating (Energy Related Products certification).

DCXNext, like all our products in the InLine range, uses innovative bare wire heating technology which enables users to achieve a continuous supply of instant hot water at exactly the temperature selected. Our bare wire heating also incorporates limescale repelling heating spirals that minimise the build up of limescale – a particularly valuable component as just 2mm of limescale thickness can reduce water heater efficiency by 15%.

We are proud of this latest accolade from CIBSE (Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers), as it recognises several of the DCXNext’s most innovative features:

  • - Adjustable power outlets - one product caters to four different power outlets; 18kW, 21kW, 24kW and 27kW
  • - Simple installation - connects to standard closed outlet taps without the need for stored water heaters
  • - Easy to use - convenient touch button control allows the temperature to be adjusted externally on a screen. You can select from five different temperatures quickly and easily; 35°C, 38°C, 42°C, 48°C and 55°C
  • - Water conserving - innovative water flow technology means it has a reduced inlet water volume which starts at 1.5 litres per minute
  • - Consistent temperature - precise temperature control-twin temperature control TTC® monitors inlet and outlet temperatures even if the water pressure fluctuates, ensuring safety
  • - Reduced limescale - efficient bare wire heating system IES® reduces limescale deposits and provides an extended service life
  • - Electronic safety system - features air bubble detection, mechanical temperature and pressure cut-off as well as a water stop function

The award also celebrates DCXNext’s excellent sustainability credentials. On top of the climate neutral production of the DCXNext, it also helps users save energy and water. It always responds to the user's demand.

Unlike traditional water heating systems, water is not preheated and stored in large quantities. The DCXNext only heats the exact amount of water needed, delivering it instantly to the exact desired temperature - so no water is wasted getting it up to a certain temperature and likewise the need to add cold water to lower the temperature is not necessary.

This has led to the product receiving a LEED rating of Gold and contributing towards Zip Water’s achievement of a silver medal from EcoVadis, a global sustainability ratings provider.

Unrivalled innovation, user-friendly technology and sustainable operation - a winning combination!

To find out more download our InLine brochure or explore our specification resources here.

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