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Experience pure-tasting, filtered drinking water with our free 60 day HydroTap Trial

Experience pure-tasting, filtered drinking water with our free 60 day HydroTap Trial

Try before you buy! Give our drinking water systems a go for 60 days - for free. 

Innovative, convenient and user-safe solutions are integral in the workplace, especially during this period of post-lockdown easing of working from home measures. 

Sign up for a free trial of one of our HydroTaps and prepare your workplace for the post-lockdown return.

Creating hygienic workplace environments has never been more important, whatever your industry. Touch-free innovations are here to stay and many workplaces are now looking to upgrade their current facilities with hands-free solutions - including communal drinking water facilities. 

We can support you in your efforts to reach these crucial new goals and implement changes to create COVID-secure workplaces with any of our industry leading Zip HydroTaps which include a touch-free option. 

Up until 31st August 2021 we are delighted to offer a no-strings-attached, 60 day free of charge trial, providing you with the opportunity to try one of our filtered drinking water systems for two months without any commitment or obligation - including the latest innovation, the Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave.

With a range of models, capacities and water options - we can offer instant filtered boiling, chilled, and sparkling water - there is a choice suitable for everyone. 

How to take part in the free trial: 

  1. Request our free trial HERE where you can also find further information on all of our products. We will get in touch to discuss your specific needs and requirements and fine-tune which product is right for you. 
  2. Once you have chosen your desired HydroTap and the paperwork is completed, a site visit will be arranged to complete an installation checklist. If all is well and good, the order will be confirmed, and the installation date agreed upon and carried out promptly. 
  3. We will check in for initial feedback on the product trial and answer any questions.
  4. After the 60-day trial period has been completed, if you would like to keep the product the invoice will be paid. If this isn’t the case, we will return to the site to uninstall the product (but we do hope you love it as much as we do!)

Thinking sustainably - for both people and planet

Though hygiene remains the focus, COVID-19 has not eclipsed other priorities for those managing workplaces, from facilities managers to business owners and beyond. Sustainability is still high on the agenda, as well as ensuring employee health and wellbeing is supported. 

Our instant filtered drinking water systems not only encourage employees to stay hydrated,  they also feature a host of energy saving and water conserving technologies. On top of this, an advanced filtered drinking water system will encourage employees to ditch single-use plastic water bottles and refill bottles with clear, chilled, pure-tasting water from a mains-fed source - excellent for company sustainability credentials! 

Don’t miss our limited time offer! 

Balancing hygiene, sustainability and employee wellbeing can be a challenge. Take up a free trial of our drinking water systems today and see first-hand how they can influence your workplace and workforce for the better! 

Sign up today.  


Free of charge trial: terms and conditions:

  1. Request a free trial via the form on the following webpage: on or before 11:59pm on Tuesday 31st August.
  2. The free trial is only available to customers in the UK and Ireland.
  3. There is a maximum limit of 50 free trials available, on a first come, first served basis. One product trial per customer.
  4. The free trial is available for commercial installations only, it is not available for residential customers.
  5. The free trial is dependent on the completion of a successful installation checklist and approved payment term agreement, prepared by a dedicated account manager.
  6. The free trial is limited to products in the HydroTap for work range
  7. The free trial can be offered to customers who want to buy or rent, including those buying via pay monthly finance options.
  8. A written agreement must be signed prior to installation. The installation date will be agreed in advance. The installation date will be influenced by supply timelines.
  9. The trial term is 60 days. Installation day counts as number 1.
  10. The payment invoice is raised on installation.
  11. If on day 61 you would like to keep your drinking water system you will pay the invoice (whatever your pre-agreed payment terms).
  12. If on day 61 you would not like to keep your HydroTap we will attend and uninstall the product at no cost. If the product is not uninstalled and returned to Zip Water, it will be invoiced in full. Any changes to the installation area (for example holes in worktops) are not Zip’s responsibility to rectify.
  13. In the unlikely event of any issues arising with the product while in the free trial period, a service appointment can be requested free of charge.
  14. If the product is damaged due to neglect during the trial period Zip Water will request payment to cover the damage and or repair.
  15. Zip Water reserves the right to amend or end the promotion with immediate effect.

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