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25-03-20 COVID-19 Update - Guidance for isolating HydroTaps

25-03-20 COVID-19 Update - Guidance for isolating HydroTaps

The current COVID-19 crisis is causing more and more offices and workplace to close across the UK, meaning facilities - including instant boiling water taps - are set to be left unused for a considerable length of time. 

We have had a number of customers asking for guidance on what to do with their HydroTaps and HydroBoils during the expected period of non-use. Please use the below step-by-step guidance of what to do in these instances and how to get the tap up and running on your return:

When leaving an office for periods of time longer than 48 hours

1. Drain down the HydroTap - this is achieved by dispensing each water type (boiling, chilled and sparkling - dependant on your product) by using the tap controls until no more water is dispensed

2. Isolate the HydroTap - turn the electrical power supply off and if possible, isolate the mains water at the valve (this is not essential but preferred).


When returning to an office after periods of time longer than 48 hours

1. Turn the HydroTap back on - if mains water is isolated turn it back on at the valve and turn the electrical power supply on.

2. Flush the HydroTap - 6 litres of each water type will need to be flushed through the HydroTap - for instructions on how to flush through a HydroTap please see our FAQ. 

Your HydroTap will then be ready for use. 

If you are going to be out of the office isolating your HydroTap is an important process to ensure your product functions efficiently when the normal working routine resumes. 


You can view the video of how to isolate a HydroTap here:

To learn how to isolate your HydroBoil please read our guide here. 

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