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How the HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus give you space to drink

How the HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus give you space to drink

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic prompted a huge change in our behaviour, with lockdowns meaning people had to adapt their lifestyles to become predominantly home-based. From working at home to home workouts, many people found themselves rethinking their interior space to accommodate being at home for the majority of the time. 

For example, research by GlobalData shows that half of UK consumers bought home gym equipment during the pandemic – and this home fitness trend isn’t going anywhere, with more and more people appreciating the ability to stay fit in the convenience of their own home. 

And, thanks to more of us enjoying the revival of ‘cocktail hour’ during lockdowns, there has been a rise in homeowners installing ‘home bars’ to ensure they can continue to entertain at home. Online spirits retailer Clink revealed that a massive 2.7 million households have invested in a home bar since March 2020. 

Whether these are integrated nooks or stand-alone, dedicated areas that incorporate all the comforts and specialist drinks equipment of your favourite bar, home bars are transforming our living spaces by adding a touch of day-to-day decadence.

So how do these new interior trends affect how people consume water in the home? 

Well, we all know how important hydration is, but even more so when exercising. One thing all gyms have is access to water, whether that be from a water fountain or cooler.

In terms of home bar areas, having access to water is a no-brainer. For whiskey-lovers, water is often used as a mixer, and for cocktail enthusiasts, having sparkling water on-tap can help create a range of bubbly cocktails and mocktails.

Thanks to our HydroTap, gone are the days where filtered water is only available in the kitchen. With the HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus, there is the flexibility and choice to fit them in any location thanks to the tap’s unique font. This font allows the tap to become a standalone drinking water system which can be installed anywhere.

So homeowners, developers and interior designers can seamlessly incorporate a boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered water tap within home gyms or bars, or even in offices, bedrooms, cinema rooms… the possibilities are endless.

Equally, the HydroTap is perfectly at home situated over a sink, and with the addition of a matching mixer tap for unfiltered hot and cold water, the kitchen interior will always retain cohesive styling.

The good news is that the HydroTap benefits from statement design, so wherever its location, it will look striking. Choose from the classic swan-necked Arc or more contemporary Cube designs and seven beautiful finishes, including bright chrome, matt black and brushed gold.

And, for anyone looking for a tap that does everything, our All-in-One Arc has it all wrapped up. Filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water plus unfiltered hot and cold all from one stunning tap means that appliances can be truly streamlined.

So whether you’re all about convenient workouts or simply want your home to ooze luxury with a statement home bar, our HydroTap Arc and Cube Plus allow you to easily tap into gloriously pure-tasting water no matter where you want it.


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