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Perfect for cooking and a Daley cup of tea

Perfect for cooking and a Daley cup of tea

It may come as a surprise that Olympic diver Tom Daley is actually a huge foodie. Not only does he host a Monday night supper club for friends every week, but with two cookbooks under his belt, he is passionate about creating dishes that are both satisfying and healthy.

Living in London with his husband and baby, Tom’s life has become a balance between training and fatherhood. But, as someone who chose an entire fitted kitchen as his luxury item on Desert Island Discs (he was only allowed an oven), cooking and entertaining is still an important part of his life.
“I definitely do most of the cooking at home” explains Tom, “I really enjoy it - I remember always wanting to help mum as a child. I’ve had to adjust my diet to make sure it is balanced and fuels my intense training sessions, but food still needs to be enjoyable so I love creating new dishes.”
With this in mind, Tom is always on the lookout for ways to not only streamline his culinary processes but help make day-to-day family life easier . “I love having a range of appliances and gadgets that save time without removing the actual cooking element!
“We have friends with instant boiling water taps and have seen how convenient they are, so started looking into the different options available,” adds Tom. “We came across Zip’s range of HydroTaps and couldn’t believe there was one tap that produced filtered boiling water as well as filtered chilled, sparkling and regular hot and cold. As soon as we saw it we knew nothing else would come close.”
Tom chose the Zip HydroTap All-in-One Arc in brushed chrome, Zip’s latest product which offers all five water types from just one tap, and with only one under-counter unit. “It really is an amazing tap,” continues Tom, “we love that we can access great-tasting water at the touch of a button, and dinner party guests especially enjoy the sparkling option. It’s definitely sped up cooking but I’d say my favourite thing about it is the fact that I can make a cup of tea in an instant - I love tea so this is a huge bonus!”
And of course, safety had to be a key consideration for Tom and his family. Thanks to the clever design of the All-in-One Arc, it not only provides water at the perfect temperature for tea and coffee (98℃) but this means that the water dispensed is a safe flow, rather than dangerous spluttering accompanied by boiling hot steam. The tap itself is cool to touch and there is a boiling isolation mode to ensure younger family members cannot access the boiling water.

Hopefully Tom’s recipe portfolio will grow even further, helped out by the All-in-One Arc of course - and plenty of tea.

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