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The All-in-One – the perfect match for bustling family life

The All-in-One – the perfect match for bustling family life

It’s a well-known saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we all know that busy family life can make it a hectic place to be. However, introducing simple ways to save time and space in the kitchen can help restore the room to a place where family time is the number one priority.

Drinking water systems

Whether you are looking at upgrading your kitchen, or specifying for new residential development, investing in an advanced drinking water solution will give a luxury feel as well as helping curb the chaos of busy day-to-day life.

With a Zip HydroTap All-in-One Arc, filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, plus unfiltered hot and cold water is all available from one single tap. No matter how busy your lifestyle, having an all-in-one system will make life easier, with a host of useful features.

Tidy home, tidy mind

Without the need for a kettle or water filter jug, you can easily declutter worktops, enabling you to save space and keep the kitchen looking clean and tidy. Installed over the sink with only one under counter unit, the All-in-One Arc is a beautifully designed tap which maximises space. Plus, with a range of finishes available, you can choose a style to suit any kitchen aesthetic.

Cooking made easy

From cooking a meal for a family of four, to making yourself a cup of tea – the All-in-One is a must-have for the kitchen, giving you both ease and luxury in one package.

Forget waiting for the kettle to boil. With the HydroTap, instant boiling water is heated to 98 degrees celsius, the perfect temperature for a cup of tea. Steal yourself an extra five minutes in amongst a hectic morning and start your day right with a quick and great tasting cup of tea or coffee.

And that’s not all. The instant boiling water also comes in handy when preparing meals, saving you precious time. Plus, the unfiltered hot and cold water is perfect for rinsing and washing up after breakfast and dinner.

Eco-friendly kitchen

With filtered chilled and sparkling water options available, not only do you have refreshing water at your fingertips, but households can help the environment by reducing plastic water bottle waste at home.

The average family will likely have its fair share of fussy drinkers and sometimes trying to please everyone means compromising when it comes to important considerations such as the environment.

With our advanced 0.2 micron filtration technology, you can be guaranteed crystal clear and pure tasting water which will impress even the fussiest of drinkers. Cut out the need for harmful single-use water bottles completely, while still providing the whole family with great tasting water.

The perfect addition

With a host of features and design finishes available, the All-in-One Arc fits perfectly into any kitchen. Whether you need a multi-functional tap to declutter your kitchen and make your busy life easier, or if you want to add a touch of luxury to a new housing development, this stand-out product ticks all the boxes.

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