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When only the best will do, choose the All-in-One Arc

When only the best will do, choose the All-in-One Arc

Choosing new products for a kitchen, whether they’re part of a new-build project or retrofitting upgraded appliances, are a crucial part of the end-result. The saying ‘the devil is in the detail’ certainly applies here. And, if you’re investing a large amount on a hand-crafted kitchen, the last thing you want is for cheap appliances to let it down. So how can you make sure your beautiful kitchen, after months of planning, is perfect - down to every last feature?

When it comes to boiling water taps, the choice has certainly widened over the past 5 or so years as more people come to appreciate the convenience of having filtered boiling water on-tap. Indeed, we have expanded our own product range with the addition of the HydroTap All-in-One Arc, our 5-in-1 product. This ‘do it all’ tap replaces a regular kitchen tap, so alongside unfiltered hot and cold water offers filtered boiling, chilled and even sparkling water.

Our long heritage in manufacturing instant boiling water taps means we have created the ultimate product for when second best is not an option. Let’s look a bit closer at what makes the All-in-One Arc the most outstanding tap on the market.

Quality over quantity

People who appreciate beautiful homes want every element of their residence to exude luxury, convenience and of course, quality. Cheap imitations are not an option. Our HydroTap All-in-One Arc is carefully crafted with passion and expertise.

But it’s not just the external tap that is high-quality. We’ve made this fantastic product simple to maintain thanks to advanced auto-diagnostics monitoring its performance - we even have an all-inclusive service plan to take care of everything. And, with just one under-counter command centre, cupboard space isn’t compromised.

All the water types you could possibly want, from just one tap, the All-in-One Arc has it all. Users no longer have to switch between taps thanks to the addition of an integrated mixer tap delivering hot and cold water from your mains water feed. So whether you’re rinsing dishes, making a hot drink, boiling pasta or just looking for a refreshing glass of filtered water, this tap cleverly adapts to a multitude of kitchen activities.

But even though the tap boasts an incredible five water types, we haven’t compromised on water quality. In fact Zip’s advanced 0.2 micron MicroPurity filtration technology ensures the All-in-One Arc delivers the purest-tasting water from any instant filtered water tap in the world.

A finishing touch for every taste

Unlike the majority of boiling and chilled water taps, we can offer consumers a staggering seven finishes to choose from. We know how important design is to customers and that such an integral part of a kitchen needs to complement the interior style.

From industrial gunmetal to luxurious brushed rose gold, we have the finish that will create the effect you are looking for.

Warm metallic finishes such as brushed gold and brushed rose gold are continuing to be popular against both pale grey cabinetry as well as providing a stunning contrast against inky blues and racing green.

Bye-bye bottles

It goes without saying that any product that allows us to reduce our single-use plastic consumption is priceless. Not only does the All-in-One Arc make the kettle redundant, but it encourages households and businesses to re-fill bottles and glasses, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles - not to mention freeing up fridge space.

A trustworthy heritage

With a history stretching 70 years, we are the name you can trust when it comes to filtered drinking water systems. Our rigorous manufacturing standards mean no matter whether your product is for at home or at work, we ensure durability and reliability.

Our experience also means we have thought of everything. Energy and water-saving technology help to keep users bills low, and the clever eco mode saves power when the tap is not in use, boosting the efficiency of the product overall. And, combined with clever safety features, we have created a product that is perfect for the whole family.

Can a tap be life-changing?

We think so. But it’s only by experiencing such a product can you understand the huge time-saving benefits this amazing tap brings. Drink-making and cooking become a breeze, staying hydrated is enjoyable, and surfaces are kept clutter-free.

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