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Specify with confidence: everything you need to know about specifying a boiling drinking water system with Zip Water UK

Specify with confidence: everything you need to know about specifying a boiling drinking water system with Zip Water UK

Instant boiling drinking water systems are fast becoming essential for commercial and residential kitchens. It’s a busy marketplace and there is lots of choices, so when specifying a product it’s important key points are considered in advance.

Awareness of setting and sector is crucial, as commercial and residential buildings have very different needs. Planning for capacity is fundamental - is the system for family use or will it need to accommodate the needs of a busy workplace or public building - plus you need an understanding of what is important to the end-users, do they prioritise safety and energy efficiency or does style rank top? Looking to independent body accreditations is also a great place to start. Knowing that the product has been third-party tested to achieve certifications means you can be confident in its performance. Ultimately, you want to make an informed decision, so you can specify the right system with confidence.

Zip’s boiling water solutions

If you are looking for a premium drinking water solution, Zip has a range of WRAS approved systems for both commercial and residential settings. The HydroTap, Zip’s flagship product, marries functionality and style. It offers instant filtered boiling water (with the option of having additional functionalities such as filtered chilled and sparkling), delivering up to 240 cups an hour. It also requires just one single under-counter command centre and is available in a range of tap styles and finishes.

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An alternative commercial solution is the Zip HydroBoil, a reliable, wall-mounted instant boiling water unit with electronic temperature control that delivers boiling water heated within 0.2ºC of a set temperature. The HydroBoil Plus also features energy-saving Power-Pulse technology, inactivity and low light sleep modes and is equipped with a two-way cool touch tap and safety lock. HydroBoil models are available from 1.5-litre models – for small offices kitchens – to 40-litre models suitable for restaurants, canteens and hospitals, which can deliver up to 140 cups an hour.

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Energy efficiency:

Instant boiling water systems can reduce running costs. The HydroTap has an auto-sleep function, that powers down the unit after a period of inactivity. The system maintains its water temperature so it doesn’t waste energy and eliminates the need for energy-guzzling and water-wasteful kettles. The HydroBoil’s energy efficient design minimises power consumption, while simple-to-use fingertip control brings you a cup-full or teapot-full of boiling water at a time.

Advanced filtration:

The Zip HydroTap delivers the cleanest, safest and purest tasting drinking water on the market, free from odours and contamination. This is thanks to the NSF approved MicroPurity filtration technology, which combines carbon and sediment blocks into one cartridge to achieve 0.2 sub-micron filtration. It not only removes dirt, bacteria, microplastics and contaminants but also up to 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts.

Zip has a filtration system that can be requested for HydroTaps specified in healthcare settings, which ensures the drinking water retains higher levels of chlorine.


As a specifier you have the unique opportunity to positively impact the planet by choosing boiling water solutions that are energy efficient and ethically manufactured. Zip’s drinking water systems have a low impact design, which complies with RoHS EU Directive 2002/95/EC and boasts a host of world class environmental credentials. Zip products are Red List compliant and supported by the Environmental Product Declaration.

Safe and accessible:

Zip products are designed to be completely safe to use, with unique boiling water safety locks and cool touch technology. You can be confident that the end-user can use the systems safely without needing to worry about spluttering steam. Compliant with the Equalities Act 2010 and Building Regulations Part M 2004, Zip also provides accessibility levers and braille covers for the HydroTap, ideal for those with disabilities or limited dexterity.

Unparalleled design:

Zip has the widest choice of models and finishes on the market, ensuring the systems fit seamlessly with any interior design. The Zip HydroTap is available in several different styles, including the Arc, Cube, Classic and Industrial, plus seven finishes to choose from across its standard and Platinum ranges.


The HydroTap range starts at £1,299.00 for residential models and £1,879.75 for higher-capacity commercial systems. HydroBoil costs range from £671.00 to £2,605.00, depending on the system and capacity. These are the standard product prices, Zip will provide tailored quotes to those specifying a number of Zip products.
Many high-profile companies’ buildings are home to Zip boiling drinking water systems, including The Office Group, ITV, Marks and Spencer and Time Inc.


Installation and maintenance

Installation is completed by a fully qualified Zip engineer. As well as installing the system, they will explain the operation of the command centre and make sure timing, temperature and safety settings are configured to your clients needs. Zip’s standard installation service requires you have water, electric and a suitable waste within 1 metre of the unit installation and, if specifying a HydroTap, that there is enough space under your sink to fit the under-sink unit. Maintenance for all Zip products is simple. Taste filters need to be changed at regular intervals, depending on the system’s usage levels. Genuine filters and spare parts can be purchased directly from Zip. However, Zip Water offers customers its unique HydroCare service plans. The comprehensive HydroCare plan includes an annual service and inspection, filter changes, system sanitisation, unlimited call outs and parts and labour, all included in a monthly fee. Zip have an in-house team of over 90 dedicated field service operatives so call-outs are quick and easy to organise. HydroCare Plus also includes the additional benefit of limescale management. In many areas of the UK there is a significant problem caused by hard water and the presence of limescale. This can cause scale build-up which damages performance, efficiency and the lifespan of products and can only be reduced through a good water filtration system.

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