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Why there’s no better drinking water system than a Zip HydroTap

Why there’s no better drinking water system than a Zip HydroTap

Known globally as the world’s most advanced drinking water system, the Zip HydroTap offers a choice of highly filtered boiling, chilled or sparkling water dispensed at the touch of a button. Here Alex Wright, technical and training manager at Zip Water, explains some of the range’s most outstanding features and how they can benefit the public sector.

MicroPurity filtration

Generally, there are two main types of water filters – taste and limescale – that are used to improve the quality of tap water. Measured in microns, a taste filter works to remove particular chemicals and contaminants that affect the taste of water, with smaller or sub-micron filters providing the most effective filtration.

Crucial for public sector facilities, a high-performance taste filtration system that comes directly from the mains water supply can encourage the one in four people who dislike the taste of unfiltered tap water1 to drink more, improving hydration. What’s more, as great tasting water is delivered straight from the tap, you’ll see your facility reducing its reliance on plastic bottled alternatives and working towards sustainability goals.

At Zip, we use market-leading 0.2 micron MicroPurity filtration technology across our range of HydroTaps, making them ideal for all public environments. Providing 25 times better filtration than a standard water filter jug, MicroPurity filtration uses a unique wet moulding technology called Fibredyne, which combines carbon and sediment blocks into one cartridge. It not only removes dirt, bacteria, microplastics and contaminants from the water that other systems may not remove, but also up to 97 percent of chlorine and 99.9 percent of microbiological cysts, if present.

Energy-saving technology

Energy-efficient technology should be a top priority for all aspects of the public sector, with ambitious voluntary targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent in 2020 to 2021 compared to a 2009 to 2010 baseline2.

With a whole host of cutting-edge energy efficient technology, our HydroTap range aims to reduce power consumption and costs while improving energy efficiency. Power-PulseTM technology, available on all boiling HydroTap models, works to reduce power consumption by allowing the system to regulate its power during periods of heating, while features such as the lux sensor and programmable timer help to conserve energy during periods of low or non-usage. 

User-safe features

At Zip, we take user safety very seriously, which is why our HydroTap range delivers a smooth stream of water instead of a mix of steam and water that splashes and spits. Designed to be completely safe and easy to use, our range of HydroTaps are fitted with unique boiling water safety locks and cool touch technology, ensuring suitability for all environments.

With a range of products that are compliant with the Equalities Act 2010 and Building Regulations Part M 2004 we can also advise on accessibility. For example, to aid blind and wheelchair users, the Zip HydroTap Industrial Top Touch is available with a disability friendly remote control. Designed with large, convex buttons and bright, illuminated fascia panels, the remote allows for those with limited dexterity and visually impaired users to operate the HydroTap with minimal difficulty. We are also able to provide accessibility levers and braille covers for the HydroTap Classic range.

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