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Have you downloaded our e-book yet?

Have you downloaded our e-book yet?

Sustainability. Yes, it’s a buzzword, one that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives.

We’re all being encouraged to save energy, consume less and work towards a healthier planet. But what does it mean to the role of a facilities manager? Are changes already being made or is it not a priority for companies? When it comes to single-use plastic, it’s likely we are all aware of the environmental crisis this is causing but how can we ensure British workforces remain hydrated and healthy without relying on plastic bottles?

Earlier this year we created a survey with FMJ that explored the drinking water dilemma. We looked closely into what influences an FM’s decision when it comes to balancing wellbeing, sustainability and hydration at work – and now we’ve released an e-book with the results.

Containing all the latest valuable insights, commentary and advice from our own team of experts and other leading industry professionals, our e-book will equip you with knowledge to ensure better wellbeing and a healthier planet.

The Zip Water solution

As figureheads for change, FMs have a duty to reduce reliance on single-use plastic bottles at work, instead encouraging the use of sustainable mains-fed alternatives.

Recognised for innovation worldwide, our products lead the way in time saving, energy saving, water-conserving and user-safe technology. Our sustainable filtered water systems work to not only boost health, wellbeing and productivity, but also give employees instant access to pure tasting water, eradicating the need for single-use plastic water bottles in the workplace.

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