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Specifying products for the new-build buyer: what to consider

Specifying products for the new-build buyer: what to consider

An attractive investment for first time buyers, families and retirees alike, there are many reasons why people decide to purchase a new build house.

Offering a number of desirable facilities older homes may not – such as ensuites and open plan living – new build housing presents an opportunity for buyers to purchase their perfect homes readymade, with all the latest mod cons and luxury appliances already installed.

While many new build buyers have the opportunity to make the decision of exactly what is going into their home – from carpets to kitchen cupboards and electrical appliances – a large number don’t have the pre-completion say on the design. The big question is, how do developers choose the right products that will match their potential buyer’s vision of a dream home?

In order to help developers make those all-important decisions, at Zip we’ve explored the must-have elements modern buyers look for when purchasing a new build house.

High spec features

Research by Aviva has found that 257,000 homes in the UK are now described as having a “high spec interior”1. Buyers expect that when purchasing new build housing they will be moving into a home with brand new, high quality products. By specifying functional, luxurious and convenient products you can save the homeowner somewhere in the region of £45,0002 – the shocking average figure that is spent on redecorating and upgrading an existing house!

First and foremost, developers should consider the overall design of the home and search for high spec, desirable appliances to match. Instant filtered boiling and chilled drinking water taps are a now must have for modern kitchens. Our HydroTap range boasts taps in both our Arc and Cube styles, with a choice of seven trend-led finishes on selected models, pairing the ultimate in functionality with high-end design. The perfect centrepiece, our luxury range can provide a combination of filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water with the convenience of additional unfiltered hot and cold for washing up.

Lower running costs

Did you know that a 3-bed semi-detached property that has been built to 2013 Build Regulations could save an average of £890 (53%) on the annual energy bill compared to their Victorian counterparts3? Other than the obvious energy-saving features that a new home has to offer, such as double glazing, central heating and hot water systems, eight out of 10 new build homes have an A or B energy performance certificate rating, compared with just 2.2% of pre-existing properties4.

For developers looking to choose products with low impact design, they should look for water-conserving, energy-efficient and sustainable products that are WRAS approved. The ultimate seal of approval, WRAS approved products are essential for new build homes, offering peace of mind that the product is safe and fit-for-purpose. At Zip, we offer many WRAS approved kitchen and bathroom products that can work towards reducing running costs while also helping a building to achieve BREEAM points in both the energy and water sections.

Safety and security

New build homes must conform to strict standards, particularly when it comes to safety. A developer needs to ensure that both the inside and outside of the house is jam-packed full of safety features, from fire doors to house alarms.

At Zip, we ensure all our products are designed to be completely safe and easy to use. Our unique boiling water safety locks and cool touch technology are key features of the HydroTap range, making sure that families with little ones are protected.


New build developers work closely with environmental building regulations to ensure the build quality is second to none, so new build houses are generally more sustainable than older homes. With specifiers using materials to prevent issues such as poor insulation, new build houses are generally a popular option for those looking to move into a brand-new place that won’t need any immediate work.

Every product here at Zip comes with a sustainability promise. You have the chance to positively impact the planet by choosing a drinking water solution that’s energy efficient and sustainable, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottle waste through the delivery of instant pure tasting water.

Our premium, energy-efficient, sustainable and user-safe products are perfect whether you’re specifying for a one-off luxury penthouse or a large-scale development. With a wide range of models and price points to suit all client needs, we can offer a tailored solution that is right for you. Trusted worldwide, our 70 years of innovation and expertise mean we only manufacture the most robust and reliable products, perfect for the modern home.  


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