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A breath of fresh air: World Environment Day 2019

A breath of fresh air: World Environment Day 2019

Just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Air pollution is the fourth largest killer in modern society with 6.1 million people dying from air-related causes each year[1]. Currently one of the largest environmental concerns, this year’s World Environment Day focuses on raising awareness surrounding the dangers of air pollution and the changes we can make to improve our air quality.

Many human activities release toxic chemicals into the air, resulting in the creation of air pollution. The household, industrial, transport, agriculture and waste sectors are the five areas that produce the most air pollution[2] through the burning of fossil fuels such as diesel, methane and coal. These fossil fuels are used to power cars, houses and workplaces, accounting for up to 80% of our energy usage[3].

The air pollution rate fluctuates – the amount we breathe in can be affected by the weather, our location and even the time of day. It affects up to 91% of the population worldwide[4] and is the greatest contributor to global warming.

Indoor air pollution is far worse than outdoor air pollution, with the air quality inside a car being between nine and 12 times worse than outside[5]. Long term effects of air pollution on our health include heart disease, strokes, cancer, respiratory problems and dementia[6], with it also being found to lower IQs.

Be part of the solution

The quality of the air we breathe depends on the lifestyle choices we make every day. By making cleaner, more environmentally responsible choices we can reduce the harmful impact air pollution has on the environment, climate change and our health.

At Zip Water we’ve put together some simple steps to encourage the reduction of air pollution around the world:

  • Instead of driving, walk, cycle or use public transport.
  • If driving is your only option, make sure you opt for an energy-efficient car or even better electric, and don’t let the engine run when idle.
  • Only purchase energy-efficient products and conserve energy in the home by turning off lights and plug sockets.
  • Choose products with minimal packaging and work to reduce your plastic usage.

By championing the reduction in single-use plastic bottles in your home or workplace, you are not only helping to decrease harmful plastic waste, but also impacting on the 33,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions[7] that are created during the manufacture and transportation of bottled water. Our energy-efficient, sustainable drinking water solutions are an easy way to ensure the delivery of great tasting water straight from the tap, encouraging the reuse and refill of your glass or bottle. At Zip, we are proud of the positive impact our drinking water solutions are having on health, wellbeing, productivity and the planet, working to #BeatAirPollution for a cleaner, brighter future.


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