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How eco-conscious consumers are changing the retail industry

How eco-conscious consumers are changing the retail industry

With increased knowledge on the damaging effect our shopping habits are having on our planet, a more educated consumer base has seen a moving tide in opinion when it comes to the retail industry. Now, more than ever, consumers are actively choosing to spend with companies that take eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives (such as bottle free water) seriously.

How are retailers responding to this change in public opinion, and what can a retail business do to attract this new eco-conscious customer base?

How retailers are reacting

Many retail businesses are now implementing products and services that meet the demands of an eco-conscious consumer base. In addition to enforced regulations, such as the government’s plastic bag tax, retailers are offering more sustainable products and services from their own initiatives to meet demand. More and more fashion retailers are creating ranges using recycled materials or offering discounts for donating old used items. Supermarkets are trialling zero-waste packaging-free systems and food retailers are banning plastic straws from their outlets. Across the industry the eco-friendly trend is catching on and it’s not hard to see why.

Now in 2019, 14.3 percent of western Europeans are considered eco-conscious consumers, with 44 percent of them trying to shop locally, 56 percent buying fewer, better quality products and 57 percent buying second-hand items at least once a year1.

With awareness – and the sense of urgency – around preserving the environment only continuing to grow, it’s the smart option to get ahead of these demands and make real changes. Now is the time to take steps to ensure your retail business is implementing ethical and sustainable practices.

What can a retail business do to encourage sustainable shoppers?

It’s clear that sustainable initiatives can help to attract customers. Luckily, there are many simple things you can implement to ensure your business is taking a more sustainable stance.

For example, taking actions to reduce single-use plastic waste is easily achievable and will help build up an ethical reputation for your business, encouraging new customers while making a positive impact on the environment. Whether working to implement this behind the scenes in employee break out areas, or across your entire business, something as simple as refreshing your drinking water facilities could make a real difference.

A solution tailored to your needs

A Zip drinking water solution – from the Zip HydroTap to Zip HydroChill – can provide you with easy access to an advanced hydration system that cuts out the need for single-use plastic water bottles completely. Offering a variety of combinations including instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, with options for additional unfiltered hot or cold, there’s a Zip solution to suit any retail business’s needs.

25 times better than a standard water filter jug, our 0.2 submicron filtration means there’s no need for employees or customers to buy wasteful plastic bottled water in order to have access to pure tasting high-quality water. Advanced power saving technology means you can cut down on energy consumption. Plus, unlike regular kettles, a Zip boiling water system heats only the water you need and nothing more, ensuring not a drop is wasted.

Where design takes priority

Many businesses are led by a flawless aesthetic. The Zip HydroTap Design range ensures you can install a sustainable drinking water system that is not only functional but looks good too. Whether for a stylish modern bistro or a rustic café, there’s a multitude of tap styles and trend-led finishes, pairing functionality with stunning design.


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