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It’s time for a wake-up call – water wastage needs to stop

It’s time for a wake-up call – water wastage needs to stop

Every day in the UK a single-person household uses an average of 149 litres of water[1] alone. Currently, our water comes from sources such as reservoirs which many think of as an infinite resource. We tend to only think about water shortages during in hot summers when there is less rainfall, but the reality is that due to an increasing demand for water our resources are depleting at an alarming rate.

Water is something we take for granted, but World Water Day (22nd March) marks a date to really reflect on our levels of water usage. A recent report from the Environment Agency[2] states that unless we confront our growing water problem Britain can expect to run out of water in as little as 25 years. It is a stark reminder that it is time for us all to act and consume water more responsibly. Here at Zip Water we are committed to developing efficient drinking water solutions that will contribute towards better water conservation for the future.

At both home and the workplace, one of the most unsustainable players in the scheme of drinking water wastage is the kettle. The Energy Saving Trust[3] found 40 percent boil a kettle four times or more a day and 75 percent admit to boiling more water than they need, wasting both water and electricity. The trust estimated that overfilling kettles costs British households £68 million on energy bills a year!

We are the creator of the world’s most advanced drinking water systems and offer products that boast the most innovative technology on the market. In a clear contrast to the standard kitchen kettle, our drinking water systems present a sustainable solution to help combat water wastage and unnecessary energy usage.

The ultimate in functionality, systems such as the HydroTap and HydroBoil only dispense the amount of water a user requires, ensuring that not a drop is wasted. Boiling water is available in an instant as the system remains at a level temperature to conserve energy. When it comes to chilled water our HydroTap also uses an innovative air-cooling technology to lower the temperature, ensuring water is not wasted in the cooling process - making them 100 percent water efficient whatever the functionality.

Here at Zip, we feel it is our responsibility to encourage sustainable living and water conservation is a significant part of that. It’s time to stop wasting water, say goodbye to the inefficient kettle and instead make perfect use of every drop.

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