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Workplace hydration – are you doing it right?

Workplace hydration – are you doing it right?

Drinking water is an essential consideration in the workplace, but one that many may overlook or take for granted. You may be surprised to discover just how much of a positive impact the right drinking water solution can have on a business and its staff, from improved wellbeing and productivity, to sustainability and cost savings.

As an FM you have many options when it comes to mains-fed drinking water systems. So how do you ensure that you make the right choice? We look at the five factors to consider when specifying.

What’s the demand?

Hydration has a definite impact on workplace performance. Plus, providing great tasting drinks can help to improve staff morale. Productivity increases as a person drinks water – a study by the University of East London found that well hydrated subjects performed 14 percent quicker.

So it’s clearly important to ensure that you choose a system that can cope with the demands of a busy workplace. Whether you’re working with an SME or a blue chip business with hundreds of employees, you’ll need to know the amount of people that will be using the system, what drinks they require and whether there are certain times of days when demand may be higher, such as first thing in the morning or lunchtime. The team here at Zip have expertise to help you find the perfect solution – whether it’s a high capacity chilled drinking water dispenser like our new Zip HydroChill or a Zip HydroTap that delivers highly filtered instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water. And don’t forget, with great tasting, convenient drinks on offer it’s likely that demand will rise!

What space is available?

Workplace drinks stations and staff rooms can sometimes be small areas, in which case you may wish to consider an on-wall drinking water solution, such as our Zip HydroBoil range, saving precious countertop and cupboard space.

If you have space on the counter for a tap, choose an under-counter system. The HydroTap can be fitted over a sink or on a font and removes the need for a kettle, minimising clutter. Remember to check the dimensions and vent requirements of the unit in relation to the cupboard space available.

We can also advise on accessibility, with a range of products that are compliant with the Equalities Act 2010 and Building Regulations Part M 2004. A number of sections in these regulations are relevant to drinking water systems and the measures that need to be taken to ensure those with disabilities can use them with minimum difficulty.

Do I need to consider design?

It’s all very well ensuring you choose a high performance, practical product that is robust enough to last the test of time, but FMs also have to consider interior design, especially in today’s modern workplaces.

Gone are the days where poor design was excused if a product was functional. You can now choose a drinking water system that matches seamlessly with the design of the space you’re specifying for. This is essential in stylish offices where the kitchen often doubles as a meeting space. The proof can be seen in the popularity of our HydroTap Design range, which is proving to be a massive hit thanks to the wide range of designs and finishes available, including brushed gold and gunmetal.

Is it efficient?

Efficiency is a catch all word, covering some very important motivations for the FM. Drinking water systems can make an impact on time, energy and cost savings if specified correctly.

To put it in perspective, did you know that office staff waste an average of four working days a year making hot drinks with a kettle? With the convenience of our reliable instant boiling water systems, businesses can improve efficiency while reducing running costs.

It’s not just employees who will be more efficient – all of our products have been designed to handle any level of demand, all the while saving power. Our cutting-edge energy efficient technology keeps the water flowing without wasting a drop, so organisations can benefit from reduced electricity and water bills.

Is it good for the planet?

Not just the icing on the cake – in this day and age the significance of sustainability for businesses cannot be underestimated. Increasingly, sustainability is aligned with the objectives and ethos of many organisations.

As an FM, you have the unique opportunity to positively impact the planet by choosing a drinking water solution that is energy efficient and eliminates the need to buy plastic bottled water, which is incredibly damaging to the environment. Reducing single-use plastic in the office is easy when you choose a system that delivers instant filtered, chilled water. The new Zip HydroChill range gives you the option of having filtered chilled, ambient and sparkling filtered water, with counter-top and under-counter models available, along with refillable glass bottles.

With world-leading water filtration, cutting-edge energy efficiency technology, unique safety features and a trusted track record, we can provide you with a range of innovative solutions to fit your needs.

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