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Five ways hydration can benefit your health

Five ways hydration can benefit your health

Crucial to our overall health and wellbeing, it’s essential we drink enough water daily for our bodies to function, helping us to survive and thrive.

But despite this, a third of Brits have revealed that they don’t drink water every day - in fact, 20 percent of people in the Robinsons survey stated that they last drank a glass of water over a week ago1

How much water do we need to drink?

The amount of water you need to drink everyday differs from person to person. There are many factors that can affect how much water you need to drink – for example how active you are, if it’s hot outside, how old you are, if you’re pregnant, etc. While there is no set guideline, the Eatwell Guide recommends aiming for around six to eight glasses a day.

Staying hydrated has never been easier with our range of drinking water solutions. Offering irresistible filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water dispensed at the touch of a button, over 80 percent of HydroTap users report drinking more water*, having a huge impact on their overall health and wellbeing.

Read on to discover some of the main benefits being properly hydrated has on your body.

1)      Boosts performance

Just a one percent drop in hydration can affect your mood, attention, memory and coordination2, increasing fatigue and making tasks seem harder. Being sufficiently hydrated can therefore have a major impact on your performance, both physically and mentally.

2)      Improves blood and oxygen circulation

Drinking enough water leads to increased oxygen levels in blood, improving circulation around the body. This results in your organs working efficiently, while keeping your blood pressure low and preventing the heart from overworking.

3)      Helps digestion and nutrient absorption

Water can help to improve your digestive health. It plays a vital role in allowing the body to digest food while properly absorbing minerals, vitamins and other nutrients before distributing them around the body for optimum performance, energy and repair.

4)      Increases brain power

Water accounts for 70 percent of our brain, so when we’re properly hydrated it can help us to focus and remember. Being regularly dehydrated therefore leads to problems with efficiency, causing problems with thinking and reasoning.

5)      Promotes kidney function

A pivotal organ, the kidneys work to cleanse the body of toxins – as long as we’re drinking enough water. Dehydration can cause the kidneys to become blocked, contributing to the formation of kidney stones and other infections.

How Zip can help

By dispensing pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water straight from the tap, our drinking water solutions encourage users to refill and refresh, ultimately drinking more water. Our flagship product, the HydroTap G4, provides market-leading filtration from a completely safe and easy to use system, making it suitable for installation in all locations.

Whatever you need, at Zip we have something for all requirements. Discover our product range or contact one of our expert team.


*Statistic based on a survey of 354 owners of residential installed Zip HydroTaps.


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