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The all new HydroCare - your questions answered

The all new HydroCare - your questions answered

Our HydroCare service plans have had a makeover. This crucial aftercare service has been designed to ensure that getting the best out of your Zip Water system is as easy as possible. Whether you are a new or an existing customer, we wanted to share the answers to all your key questions about the new HydroCare.

How has HydroCare changed?
Our HydroCare plans were previously called HydroCare Silver and Gold. They have now become simply HydroCare and HydroCare Plus. Along with a new name, these specially tailored service plans now come with additional benefits.  
How does HydroCare benefit me?
In the same way you service your car, it is important that your Zip system is regularly serviced to keep it in the best possible working order. Our flexible HydroCare service plans will ensure reliable, pure tasting water for the lifetime of your Zip products.
Doesn’t my warranty do the same thing?
Your warranty covers parts and labour (should anything go wrong with your product), HydroCare offers much, much more. HydroCare is a thorough comprehensive service plan, offering a convenient and easy way to maintain your Zip product.  
What services does HydroCare include?
HydroCare is a flexible way to care for your Zip product, and means we do all the hard work - it’s another thing you can tick off your to-do list. The service plans include filter replacements, sanitisation, parts and labour, unlimited call-outs, an annual inspection, pre-scheduled planned services, refrigeration guarantee (where applicable), system replacement and priority response. This is ideal for products in soft water areas.
What services does HydroCare Plus include?
HydroCare Plus includes all the beneficial services as detailed above, but with the addition of tailored limescale management, a particularly important element if you live in a medium to hard water area.
Is HydroCare available for all products?
HydroCare plans are available for HydroTap - both at home and work - as well as our HydroBoil and HydroChill systems.
What happens if I’m already on a Bronze, Silver or Gold HydroCare plan?
If you are already a HydroCare customer your plan will automatically be moved across to the new plans. If you are a Silver customer, you will be moved to HydroCare and Gold customers will be moved to HydroCare Plus.
What if I’m a high volume commercial customer?
We can tailor our HydroCare service plans to meet your requirements, so if you have specific needs - such as servicing for high volume use or multiple drinking water systems - contact us. Whatever your needs, we can discuss the best HydroCare service plan for you.
Is HydroCare available if I rent a Zip product?
Yes, HydroCare is included in our rental plans.
Who carries out the servicing - do I have to go through a third party?
We have a fleet of over 90 fully trained, directly employed engineers across the UK – at least one based in every county. We have the largest support network in the UK, meaning we are able to offer flexible appointment times and respond quickly to customer requirements.
How much does HydroCare cost?
Prices for commercial customers range from £37 per month*. The cost of HydroCare varies depending on your choice of service plan, needs and product. Please speak to Zip for a quote.
Will HydroCare save me money?
HydroCare saves you money with every service while ensuring your product maintains its performance through its life.
If you would like to speak to a member of the team about HydroCare and your requirements please get in touch. Also, if there is a question we haven't answered that is important to you please do let us know!
*based on HydroCare for HydroTap at work, 6 month package.

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