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The benefits of residential design in the workplace

The benefits of residential design in the workplace

More and more businesses are realising the benefits of enhanced employee wellbeing. It’s been proven that a happy, healthy workforce gives a boost to productivity, and in turn, contributes to the success of a business.

There are many ways that businesses invest in order to improve employee wellbeing, but most recently, workplace design has become a key priority in response to this. Having an open, flexible space encourages collaboration, creativity and interaction between staff. But how can this be achieved? 

Flexible design

Designing a more open plan office is still a growing trend, but ensuring the workplace is flexible, is equally, if not more, important. The modern office is a hive of activity, with requirements of space changing from minute to minute. Creating areas that can adapt to these demands makes for an environment that encourages team work, while also allowing for maximum efficiency in the workplace.

With staff spending more time away from their desks, unconventional spaces within the office are on the rise – their ever-growing popularity is due to their ability to reduce stress and boost creative thinking. Introducing communal seating and limiting walled off areas, are small changes that can have a big positive impact.

The heart of the office

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home, but what about the office? Perhaps once a wasted space, architects are now aiming to produce kitchen areas that work as the hub of the workplace – flexible, functional and creative.

The kitchen, if designed well, can act as both a place for work and socialising – a setting where conversation can flow, and ideas can be nurtured. Providing an area that can perform the same role as a boardroom, while maintaining its use as a functional space and relaxing breakout room, is the challenge architects and designers must face. But if successful, can largely benefit the employees and the business.  

Residential design in the workplace

The benefits of residential design in the workplace are clear. Helping staff unwind and relax is vitally important, so how else can this be achieved?

Taking elements that we associate from the household, such as bright and warm colour palettes, comfortable sofas and coffee tables, can all help to create that home-from-home feeling. Using natural textures of wood, stone and metal is becoming increasingly popular, as it creates a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

A wider choice for specifiers

Residential and workplace design has never seen more overlap – especially in the kitchen - and because of this architects require a similar variety of options for both. Previously only available to residential consumers, the full Zip HydroTap Design range and Platinum finishes are for the first time available to specifiers for the workplace. The well-known benefits of the HydroTap Classic, such as instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water, state-of-the-art MicroPurity filtration and energy efficiency technology, can now be combined with a far wider variety of styles and colours. Specifiers no longer have to compromise on style in the workplace kitchen, as this range matches together the functionality and style that the modern office requires – a home from home.

While being at the forefront of current design trends, the HydroTap Design range also removes the need for kettles and water coolers, creating a clutter free space. With instant boiling water, queuing for hot drinks is unnecessary, allowing staff to use their time more efficiently. The HydroTap utilises the world’s most advanced filtration system – 25 times better than a standard water filter jug – so there’s no need for unsustainable bottled water, making it an environmentally friendly option that’s great for employee hydration, health and wellbeing.

This range of options for specifiers means the creative choice of the architect isn’t limited in the kitchen. With beautiful designs and finishes, and an array of water combinations to choose from, you no longer have to compromise when designing the offices of the future.

With all that residential design in the workplace has to offer, now is the perfect time to revamp the office and reap the benefits of stimulated, relaxed and healthy staff.

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