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From schools to universities and training facilities, the provision of drinking water is fundamental to the health, wellbeing and productivity of students.

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Adequate hydration reduces tiredness and irritability, improving concentration throughout the day, leading to better behaviour and academic performance.

Consequently, it is of utmost importance that education establishments provide and promote visible drinking water provisions.

The School Premise Regulations 2012 state that good quality drinking water must be readily accessible, with no scalding risk from hot water, and it is generally preferable if drinking water supplies are connected directly to the cold water mains. The supply must be maintained in good working order and kept clean and must be situated away from the toilet facilities. Our experts can help you meet these regulations with our range of cost effective mains-fed drinking water solutions.

Thanks to our systems’ unique safety features and simple operational controls, students and employees alike will benefit from pure-tasting filtered drinking water in an instant, without the worry of spluttering steam or scalding. In addition, our advanced MicroPurity filtration technology ensures that water is the cleanest and safest available, expertly removing sediment, chlorine, heavy metals like lead, impurities, mircoplastics, bacteria and parasites.

And in the staff room, where convenience, speed and function are key, teachers and tutors can rely on a quick refreshment during short breaks.

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