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Zip HydroTap for home

Offering highly filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, plus unfiltered hot and cold water for washing up, it’s no wonder the HydroTap has become the must-have dream kitchen appliance for your home. A time-saving, water-conserving and energy-efficient alternative to a kettle, the HydroTap is ideal for those who want convenient products that revolutionise the way water is provided - making life in the family kitchen a whole lot easier.

Transforming the way people drink and cook forever, the HydroTap has many benefits, both mental and physical. Research undertaken with HydroTap owners shows that over 80% drink more water than before, boosting their overall mood, productivity and wellbeing.

A great choice for the environmentally conscious, the HydroTap uses environmentally friendly gas to continuous flow to fill bottles, eliminating the need for those single-use plastic sparkling and chilled water bottles cluttering your kitchen. The command centre also uses innovative air-cooled ventilation and Power-Pulse™ technology to cut down on energy and water usage, while SteriTouch® antimicrobial treatment is in key components of the water path and on the Classic Plus touchpad to ensure 99.99% of bacteria is killed.

Available as standard, Zip’s 0.2 micron MicroPurity filtration system removes dirt, chlorine, microplastics and cysts to deliver crystal clear, pure-tasting, odourless drinking water with 25x better filtration than a standard Brita water filter jug. To ensure families are kept safe, all HydroTaps have been built with unique boiling water safety locks and cool touch technology.

To suit all interiors, the HydroTap is available in a stunning variety of tap designs and finishes. You can also opt for HydroCare - our stress-free prescheduled service plan to keep your HydroTap in optimal condition throughout its lifetime, giving you complete peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? Start drinking more, while saving time and energy, and see the benefits to your family’s wellbeing from your very first glass.

Filtered drinking water only (no unfiltered hot and cold)

Zip HydroTap Classic plus

Zip HydroTap Classic

Zip HydroTap Touch-free wave

Zip HydroTap Cube plus

Zip HydroTap Arc plus

Filtered drinking water with built in unfiltered hot and cold

Zip HydroTap Celsius Arc

Zip HydroTap Arc All-in-One

Zip HydroTap Classic Plus All-in-One

Zip HydroTap Celsius plus all-in-one pull out

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