Our commitment


Our commitment

The sustainable choice

In this day and age the importance of sustainability for businesses and consumers cannot be underestimated. Increasingly, sustainability is aligned with the objectives and ethos of many organisations – with Zip Water UK being no exception. You have the unique opportunity to positively impact the planet by choosing a drinking water solution that is energy efficient and eliminates the need to buy single-use plastic bottled water.

Our drinking water systems can be used to refill reusable bottles with clean, pure tasting water, benefiting the environment and the health of the user.


Responsible manufacturing

Organisational dedication to sustainability

Low impact design

Complies with RoHS EU Directive 2011/65/EC

World-class environmental credentials

Providing transparent product life cycle impact

Innovative air-cooled technology

Making the HydroTap 100% water efficient

Smart energy saving modes

Auto-sleep function

Advanced energy management system

Reduces power consumption by up to 30% compared to previous models

Eliminates the need for bottled water

Reducing your environmental impact

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