What’s the secret to sustainability and wellbeing in education?

Are you struggling to eradicate single-use plastic water bottles from your educational facility? Watch our webinar!

In partnership with University Business and Independent Education Today, our recent webinar discusses the urgent and topical issues around sustainable hydration and how, with the right strategy and support, schools and universities can eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from their facilities for good.


The average primary school produces 45kg of waste per pupil each academic year (Recycle Now)

Department of Environmental Quality

UK schools are being encouraged to set themselves targets to eliminate their reliance on single-use plastic by 2022

The Guardian

Schools account for around 2% of UK emissions, roughly the same as all the energy and transport emissions of Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol combined

Bolton Council

What you’ll learn:

  • The problem and the environmental impact – the home truths about single-use plastic water bottles
  • Why it is important that sustainable action and choice is a priority in the education sector
  • How to inspire, engage and educate others to ensure no single-use plastic water bottles are used on campus
  • How hygiene concerns can be solved with the use of a bottle filter that includes a UV Out sterilisation feature at the dispense point
  • The challenges of delivering pure-tasting water in numerous areas to encourage consumption and ultimately help students adopt a refill culture
  • The solution – how can we completely eradicate single use plastic water bottles for good?
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