Taste the difference and enjoy water at its best

Taste the difference and enjoy water
at its best

Could you taste the difference between Zip filtered water and ordinary tap water?

We think so! Find out what London commuters said in our recent taste test.

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Taste Test

92% preferred Zip's chilled filtered water

Summer 2023

Taste test summary

In order to keep dehydration at bay, it’s recommended that adults consume 6-8 glasses of water each day. But new research suggests the majority of us are falling short of that target.

So, we headed to central London with a hypothesis in mind – could the reason behind this be something to do with the taste of tap water? Indeed, a recent Britvic study found less than a quarter of people love its taste… but what happens if it’s been filtered by a Zip HydroTap?

We spent the day at two London stations – Victoria and Waterloo – to put our theory to the test. Needless to say, the results spoke for themselves.

After tasting two samples – one from a HydroTap and the other from an ordinary tap – the vast majority said our filtered chilled water tasted better and healthier than regular tap water.

Not only that – commuters also said if they had access to filtered water, then they’d drink more throughout the day. For us, that’s a resounding win. HydroTap 1 – 0 regular tap.

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“We preferred the filtered water because it tasted healthier. As the name suggests, it’s filtered water, so it doesn’t contain microplastics and bacteria, so I’d definitely see it as a healthier option.”

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“Which do I prefer? It’s got to be Zip Water! It’s smoother, that little bit colder, and just fresher in general. I’d definitely drink more water if more filtered water was available. In fact, I think I’ll now drink less water in places like bars since I’ll know the difference when it comes to bits in the water such as microplastics.”


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