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Zip Water is on a mission to provide water at its best in every home and workplace. From choosing your product and installation, through to ongoing care, we’re on hand with help and expertise, whenever you need it.

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Hydrotap for work

HydroTap for work

Looking for a stand-out boiling, chilled and sparkling tap for the office? Look no further than HydroTap. It’s so much more than a simple instant boiling water tap – it’s the ultimate workplace hydration system.



Save energy and reduce single-use plastic consumption in your workplace with the Zip HydroChill. Dispensing perfectly chilled, filtered water for a sustainable bottle filling solution.

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Fed up waiting for the kettle to boil? The Zip HydroBoil range of wall-mounted instant boiling water systems might be just what you’re looking for. For affordable energy efficiency, one cup at a time.


Zip hot water

For hot water for rinsing and handwashing in all areas of your workplace, and with under-sink, over-sink, and wall-mounted options, Zip has the technology you’re looking for. Whether you are looking for unvented or instantaneous, we have a hot water system for your needs.

Zip hot water

HydroTap for home

Did you know we also make HydroTap for home? Experience water at its best with the ultimate in luxury home appliances.

Zip hot water

HydroCare services

You might have heard us talk about our hassle-free HydroCare subscription, our servicing package designed around you, but did you know we offer servicing for products beyond just Zip? We’re on a mission to be the nation’s water supplier of choice, and we can care for water systems far beyond Zip products. Get in touch and see how HydroCare could work for you.

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