Why specify Zip? Here are ten really good reasons...

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1. The widest choice of drinking water options

Boiling, chilled and sparkling plus hot and cold water, any way you want it. Whether you need a complete refreshment solution for a busy multi-storey office or filtered chilled drinking water for a hospital or school, we can help.

You’re not limited when it comes to capacity either – with models that can dispense up to 240 cups of boiling water and 200 750ml bottles of chilled and sparkling water per hour – businesses of all sizes are catered for.

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2. First-class filtration

Thanks to our advanced MicroPurity filtration technology, Zip drinking water systems deliver the cleanest, safest and purest tasting water on the market, free from odours and contamination.

In fact, our flagship product, the HydroTap G5, offers 25 times better filtration than a standard water filter jug, making it the best of any instant filtered water tap in the world.

Unlike traditional carbon blocks, our premium filters combine carbon and sediment blocks into one cartridge. They not only remove dirt, bacteria, microplastics and contaminants from the water that other systems may not remove, but also up to 97% of chlorine and 99.9% of microbiological cysts if present.

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3. Innovative technology

Leading the way in both performance and functionality, the technology behind our range of drinking water solutions is truly cutting edge, delivering the purest, safest and cleanest tasting water possible.

The HydroTap’s fifth generation G5 technology has been perfected over 70 years of development and innovation, our drinking water systems are not only a breeze to maintain, but include exclusive features to save organisations energy, water and time.

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4. The sustainable choice

In this day and age the importance of sustainability for businesses and consumers cannot be underestimated. Increasingly, sustainability is aligned with the objectives and ethos of many organisations – with Zip Water being no exception.

As a specifier, you have the unique opportunity to positively impact the planet by choosing a drinking water solution that is energy efficient and eliminates the need to buy plastic bottled water.

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5. Safe & accessible

All Zip products are designed to be completely safe and easy to use, with unique boiling water safety locks and cool touch technology. Whether you’re specifying a HydroTap or HydroBoil, you can be confident that the end user can use our systems safely, without needing to worry about spluttering steam.

We can also advise on accessibility, with a range of products that are compliant with the Equalities Act 2010 and Building Regulations Part M 2004. A number of sections in these regulations are relevant to drinking water systems and the measures that need to be taken to ensure those with disabilities can use them with minimum difficulty. We can supply accessibility levers and braille covers for the HydroTap Classic range, which are ideal for those with disabilities or limited dexterity.

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6. Save time and energy

Did you know that office staff waste an average of four working days a year making hot drinks with a kettle?* With the convenience of our reliable instant boiling water systems, businesses can improve efficiency while reducing running costs.

It’s not just employees who will be more efficient – all of our products have been designed to handle any level of demand, from busy workplaces to bustling family kitchens, all the while saving power. Our cutting-edge energy efficient technology keeps the water flowing without wasting a drop, so users can benefit from reduced electricity and water bills.

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7. Support at every stage

We offer dedicated, expert support from the very start of your project, ensuring you specify the perfect drinking water solution, followed by hassle-free installation.

All Zip systems are backed by a full warranty, which can be supplemented by HydroCare, our stress-free aftercare package. HydroCare allows for complete peace of mind, covering essential annual filter changes, servicing and limescale management. 

And with 90+ directly employed engineers, we have the largest support network in the UK, giving businesses prompt, efficient service.

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8. Home and workplace wellbeing

Hydration has a huge impact on health and wellbeing. Whether in the office or at home, users notice a difference from having the convenience of filtered water at the touch of a button or lever.

Staying hydrated has never been easier with our range of drinking water solutions for home and work, offering irresistible filtered chilled, sparkling and boiling water, in an instant.

Those who drink more water enjoy a host of mental and physical health benefits; from improved brain function, cardiovascular, muscle and joint health, right the way through to keeping the body cool and skin supple.

For businesses, it’s no secret that drinking more filtered water increases concentration, reduces downtime and fuels creativity, all while keeping staff happy and healthy. Plus, providing a reliable, pure tasting drinking water solution in the office is sure to boost morale.

*Research undertaken with 340 existing Zip HydroTap customers

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9. Trusted worldwide

The first and last word in commercial drinking water systems, Zip Water is backed by 70 years’ experience and a team of experts that are dedicated to finding you the right solution. We are backed by numerous third party accreditations, building our image as a trusted brand across the globe.

We only provide the highest quality, most robust products, designed specifically for heavy demand environments. Our rigorous manufacturing standards mean that you can trust in the durability of every single system we produce.

Having worked with and supplied drinking water systems to a vast number of well-known brands, we hope you agree that our list of customers speaks for itself.

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10. Unparalleled design

Gone are the days where poor design was excused if a product was functional. With a wide choice of models, designs, colours and finishes, you can now choose a drinking water system that matches seamlessly with the design of the space you’re specifying for. This is essential in today’s modern, stylish offices where the kitchen often doubles as a meeting space.

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