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Offices and leisure centres get a Zip refresh

The brief
Wiltshire Council

Like many workplaces, a good cup of tea is a necessity for the staff at Wiltshire Council and, after years of faithful service from their older generation Zip HydroTaps, Wiltshire Council’s drinking stations were due a refresh. A new mains-fed drinking water system was required that could meet the hot beverage demands of all the council employees, at the same time as fitting the building’s energy saving criteria.

The drinking stations, or ‘tea points’ as they are often referred, are of such importance to staff wellbeing that Philip McMullan, Technical lead / Contract Manager at Wiltshire Council, knew that the drinking water solution required would have to be as reliable, efficient and easy-to-use as the previous HydroTap G3 models. That being the case, upgrading to the latest generation was a fail-safe decision.

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Our solution

The latest HydroTap G4 delivers instant, highly-filtered boiling and chilled water, assured to keep council staff hydrated all year round. A grand total of 23 Zip HydroTap G4 models were installed in five public authority buildings, of which three are office hubs and two leisure centres.

Wiltshire Council - Our Solution

Philip McMullan explains why the Zip refresh was an easy move for the council: “It was just a matter of replacing like-for-like; we knew the last taps had done the job well for a number of years so it made sense to upgrade our HydroTaps with the newer model. The better environmental ratings and improved filtration were a real added bonus. “These taps are so convenient - kettles simply can’t cut it anymore in a busy workplace. HydroTaps are essential when servicing the volume of staff we have here day-to-day.” Since the installation of the original HydroTaps, the number of council staff has grown considerably and therefore so has the need for instant boiling and chilled water. The new HydroTaps needed to be capable of servicing around 400 people every day, quickly and efficiently. High capacity wasn’t the only requirement, the new drinking water system also had to be sustainable. Wiltshire Council has been hosting a county-wide initiative for the last few years to encourage sustainable activity across their workforce and facilities. This includes a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint, save energy and manage water use. The energy saving credentials that come with choosing a Zip HydroTap help to achieve this goal. Water is air cooled rather than water cooled, so not a drop is wasted. Further energy saving functions, such as Power-Pulse™ technology, which maintains stored boiling water to within 0.2°C of set temperature so no time and energy is wasted waiting for water to heat, and the auto-sleep mode, keep bills low. On top of all this, the provision of pure tasting filtered chilled water gives staff another excuse to avoid bottled water and reduce the council’s output of single-use plastic waste. As all the council’s buildings are situated in a hard water area the need for a system with high performance filtration was much higher. The building’s HydroTap is equipped with a special filter to prevent this damaging limescale build up- a common issue in hard water areas - and therefore increase product longevity. As well as this the HydroTap’s innovative MicroPurity filtration technology removes dirt, bacteria, microplastics and contaminants to deliver purer tasting water.

Wiltshire Council - Testimonial by Philip McMullan
The results

"As facilities manager a key consideration for Philip McMullan is maintenance, and the time that it takes. Zip’s HydroCare service plan gives facilities managers the peace of mind that is so important when looking after multiple products. “With so many staff members using the taps during the day, the pre-scheduled filter replacement appointments, and the addition of a Zip engineer just a call away if needed, is a huge help.”"

Philip McMullan , Facilities Manager
Wiltshire Council

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