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HydroCare – for when health and hygiene are paramount

HydroCare – for when health and hygiene are paramount

It’s been a year since our HydroCare plans were refreshed to ensure our customers not only receive premium, high-performance products but also dedicated aftercare support from the point of installation – and now, the plans are more important than ever.

What is HydroCare?

Available across our Zip HydroTap, Zip HydroChill and Zip HydroBoil ranges, our award-winning HydroCare and HydroCare Plus service plans have been designed to ensure easy and efficient maintenance for facilities managers, specifiers and homeowners alike.

Tailored to meet specific needs, the plans feature a number of benefits to ensure you’re always getting the very best out of your Zip system, with specialist sanitisation servicing to ensure your product continues to deliver the safest, purest-tasting water, free from unwanted bacteria.

What are the benefits?

Alongside exclusive system sanitisation – which you can read more about here – with a HydroCare plan you can expect to receive filter replacements, parts and labour, unlimited call-outs, an annual inspection, pre-scheduled planned services, extended warranty and priority response.

HydroCare Plus includes all the beneficial services as detailed above, but with the addition of tailored limescale management – a must for those in areas where water quality is a concern.

Each service will be conducted by one of our over 90 fully trained, directly employed engineers based across the UK and Ireland. We have the largest support network in the industry, meaning you can always rely on us.

A year on - the facts

Along with achieving an outstanding second place in the 2020 Tomorrow’s FM awards, last year we serviced over 88,000 products, with 97 percent not requiring another visit*. Our first-time fix rates are some of the best in the country, with HydroCare customers also benefiting from a 48-hour better response time than non-HydroCare customers on average.

What’s more, while already the largest in the industry, our service fleet has increased by 50 percent over the past three years, meaning you can rest assured hassle-free maintenance and servicing whenever you need it most. 

With over 70 years’ experience, Zip Water is the most trusted name in drinking water solutions.

If you’re looking for a simple and effective service plan, look no further than HydroCare. To discuss plans, prices and requirements, please contact Zip for a quote.


*Within the next 30 days.

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