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Want to eradicate single-use plastic bottles from your educational facility for good? Watch our webinar today!

Want to eradicate single-use plastic bottles from your educational facility for good? Watch our webinar today!

Single-use plastics have become commonplace in every educational facility – from drinks cups and food packaging to straws and bottled water. According to Recycle Now, the average primary school produces 45kg of waste per pupil each academic year[1], adding to the over half of local authorities’ carbon emissions schools currently create[2].

With plastic pollution posing a huge threat to our planet, and the government urging the education sector to eradicate all single-use plastics by 2022, now is the time for change. More than just achieving targets, educational institutions should work to set a new precedent in sustainable culture, positively influencing both staff and students alike.

While there are several ways to start eradicating plastics, one small area that can have a major impact is your drinking water provision. Every student needs access to drinking water, helping their physical and mental performance as well as their general wellbeing. They want to drink water that tastes clean and pure, choosing unsustainable bottled alternatives as a solution to traditional drinking water fountains that, while plastic free, are seen as unhygienic.

So what’s the solution?

In partnership with Ed Quarter, who publish titles such as University Business and Independent Education Today, at Zip Water we’ve created a webinar to discuss this urgent and topical problem and just how easy it is for schools and universities to eliminate single-use plastic from their campus.

The 45-minute webinar quizzes guest speakers Henry Greenwood, founder and managing director at Green Schools Project, and Amy Meek, co-founder at Kids Against Plastic, on the challenges of embracing sustainability in schools, giving them an opportunity to share their inspiring stories on how they are helping schools to combat plastic around the country.

We’ll discuss different options for the plastic-free provision of water, whether you’re looking to install systems in the refectory, staff areas or in corridors, while teaching you how to inspire, engage and educate others to ensure no single-use plastic water bottles are used on campus. We’ll share tips for how you can encourage a refill culture and help people start making sustainable decisions for themselves.

At Zip, we want schools and universities to achieve sustainability goals and get everyone engaged in finding a solution to plastic waste. Our webinar explores the steps you can take to start making progress, and how our WRAS-approved, fully accessible, energy efficient drinking water systems can also help you get there.

To learn how to transform the provision of water at your school or university, register to watch our webinar by clicking here.


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