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FAQs: New HydroCare Refresh and HydroCare Solo 

FAQs: New HydroCare Refresh and HydroCare Solo 

We understand that due to the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, many of our customers may require some help when it comes to getting their HydroTap’s back up and running after a period of non-use. In response to this, we have added two new stand-alone products to our award-winning HydroCare offerings - HydroCare Refresh Kits and HydroCare Solo one-off service appointments. 

To help you better understand whether these new products are suitable for you and what they will provide, we have shared some answers to key questions you may have below. 

Why should I consider a HydroCare Refresh Kit or one-off HydroCare Solo appointment? 

We recommend that if your system has been unused for four weeks or more that you change the filter as a minimum. For advice on how to change a filter, please see our video guide here. We also have step by step guidance on what to do when turning on your drinking water system, including flushing the system in our blog.

Alternatively, we have developed two brand new products - HydroCare Refresh and HydroCare Solo that are tailor made for anyone who has a HydroTap (or a number of them) that has been out of use for a period of time. Find out how to buy a HydroCare Refresh Kit or book a HydroCare Solo appointment here


What is included in a HydroCare Refresh Kit? 

The convenient DIY Refresh Kits contain all the necessary parts to help you change the filter and complete a basic service. They contain: 

  • Replacement filter 
  • New water dispensing hoses 
  • Sanitisation wipes 
  • Gloves
  • Instruction manual 


How will I know what to do with my Refresh Kit when it arrives? 

The Kit, which is delivered directly to your door, contains a full, step by step instruction manual so you can complete the filter change and basic service quickly and easily. 

You can also watch our how to video guide here

How do I know which Refresh kit I need? 

There are various kits available suitable for a range of HydroTap models. Please visit our dedicated HydroCare Refresh and Solo area to learn how to pick the correct kit for your system with our handy table. 

What is included in a HydroCare Solo appointment?

Our new HydroCare Solo offer is a one-off filter change and sanitisation service with a qualified HydroCare engineer, designed specifically to get your system back up and running after a period of non-use. 

As well as installing a genuine, new Zip approved filter, our HydroCare team will complete a sanitisation of your system to remove the build up of any harmful germs and replace a number of important components to ensure your HydroTap is ready for use. 

Please note that HydroCare Solo is a filter change and sanitisation service only. Any other repairs or replacements will be charged at the standard rate. 

What if my HydroTap is installed in a hard water area and limescale is also an issue? 

We also offer HydroCare Plus Solo, that features all the benefits of HydroCare Solo but with the addition of a replacement limescale filter or boiling tank (depending on your need). 

If a HydroCare engineer is visiting, how are they safeguarding customers?  

The HydroCare team have implemented new processes before, during and after appointments to ensure the safety of customers, as well as themselves. This includes: 

  • Pre-attendance questionnaires with customers to assess safety and explain procedures 
  • Two metre social distancing at all times 
  • Regular hand washing and sanitisation 
  • Clean areas in HydroCare vans
  • Regular tool and equipment sanitisation 
  • Access to PPE should it be required 

The full HydroCare team is following BEAMA’s safe working practices when visiting your homes and businesses. You can find out more in the following video:

How much do these two new HydroCare products cost?

HydroCare Refresh DIY Kits are £99 and the HydroCare Solo filter change and sanitisation appointments start from £200 (these prices do not include VAT). 

What are the key differences between the HydroCare Refresh Kits and the HydroCare Solo appointments? 

The HydroCare Refresh Kit is a DIY kit - you will receive all you need to complete the filter change and basic service yourself. For added peace of mind HydroCare Solo is completed by a fully qualified Zip HydroCare engineer, who will also fully sanitise your HydroTap (this is more thorough than a basic service). 

I am already a HydroCare customer, why may I need a HydroCare Refresh Kit or one-off HydroCare Solo appointment? 

If you are an existing HydroCare customer you will have regular pre-scheduled service appointments (usually every six months). HydroCare Refresh and HydroCare Solo are perfect if you are looking for help getting your HydroTap back up and running after a period of non-use and are not due a service for some time. 


Are the HydroCare Refresh Kits and one-off HydroCare Solo appointments available to residential customers too? 

Though likely to be most popular with our commercial clients - as a huge number of workspaces have been closed during the lockdown period - HydroCare Refresh and HydroCare Solo are of course also available to our residential customers. If you have been staying in a residence away from your usual home during lockdown your HydroTap may have been unused for a number of weeks. If this is the case we strongly recommend you consider these one-off HydroCare offerings to get your tap back up and running. 



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