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A beautiful blend of old and new made the HydroTap All-in-One Arc the ultimate kitchen accessory for founders of 2LG Studio.

The brief
2LG Studio

Interior designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead were looking for a stylish product to de-clutter their surfaces and provide for all their drinking water needs.

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Our solution

Interior design duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, owners of 2LG Studio, haven’t just been creating award-winning designs for clients over the last few years, but have also been busy renovating their own home. Having taken on a property in dire need of repair over three years ago, the project has been a true labour of love.

2LG Studio - Our Solution

The re-design of their South London home was never going to be a case of getting it to a liveable state, it was always intended as a space to express themselves and create new product too. Jordan and Russell are renowned for their use of colour, their ability to transform spaces into light, spacious rooms and incorporate both the past and present into their designs. The kitchen was a key focus for the transformation as the pair wanted somewhere that would not only be a place to cook but also be an entertaining space with the wow factor. “As is often the case in older properties, the original kitchen was a very small room,” explains Jordan, “so after much planning, we knocked down some walls to create the space that would be home to the kitchen and dining room.” The designers wanted to make sure that the kitchen area was stripped back, with clever storage and large units concealing appliances. “What we didn’t want was acres of worktops cluttered with all the usual kitchen appliances - but we still needed an area to prepare and cook food of course!” Jordan adds. The large island and floor-to-ceiling units make sure the kitchen is kept free from the usual kitchen clutter. One key appliance that the pair were set on having was an instant boiling water tap. “We loved the idea of having a product that meant we could kiss goodbye to our ugly kettle,” continues Russell. “We knew that hot taps had seen an increase in popularity as people have become more aware of their benefits, but what we didn’t know was that we could have five different water types all from one tap!” Jordan and Russell chose the Zip HydroTap All-in-One Arc, a one of a kind product that alongside filtered boiling water provides filtered chilled and sparkling water as well as regular unfiltered hot and cold. “We are so thrilled with the tap,” continues Jordan. “It means we drink more water and one thing we definitely don’t need is bottled water, which is a huge bonus as we are very conscious about plastic waste. The sparkling water is fantastic, especially when entertaining. Of course, not only was the functionality key for us, but it had to be the right design to fit in with our kitchen. We chose brushed gold to complement the metal accents around the room, and it contrasts beautifully with the pale pink walls and units.” Finally, Russell and Jordan have the home they dreamed of, not only in design, but in every last detail. [Photography: Megan Taylor. Kitchen by John Lewis of Hungerford in collaboration with 2LG Studio]

2LG Studio - Testimonial by Jordan Cluroe
The results

"We are so thrilled with the tap, the functionality and the design are perfect."

Jordan Cluroe , founder and interior designer
2LG Studio

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