Alison Potter

The HydroTap All-in-One Arc keeps Alison Potter’s modern family home plastic bottle free.

The brief
Alison Potter

Alison Potter was looking for an all-in-one tap that would fit the seamless design of her new kitchen while also catering for busy family life and put an end to buying large quantities of unsustainable bottled water.

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Our solution

Where before Alison Potter would buy large amounts of bottled still and sparkling water, the HydroTap All-in-One Arc means she and her family can now enjoy five types of water from one tap.

Alison Potter - Our Solution

Building your very own dream home is for most of us just that - a dream. But Alison Potter and husband, Toby, have recently undertaken a self-build project to create their ultimate family home from scratch. Having lived in the area - a semi-rural part of Derbyshire - for some time, they knew that it was where they wanted to stay. So, after selling their home but retaining half of the plot of land, they created the home that was exactly what they wanted. Ensuring the style was in-keeping with the local area, the 5 bedroomed house is traditional brick with a tiled roof. Inside, however, the pair have chosen to create a modern space with large areas of glass to allow plenty of light to flood in. In addition, working with an interior designer meant Alison could achieve a cohesive theme, while creating an individual look and feel for each room. The hub of most family homes is the kitchen, a room which Alison was keen would not only act as the ideal family area, but would also tick all of the style boxes. Featuring concrete grey units contrasted against clean white worktops, the kitchen is ultra modern but still homely. Wrap-around glass doors ensure the room feels even bigger, and high-specification appliances add a luxurious but functional element. One such appliance that Alison knew had to go into her kitchen was an all-in-one tap that could provide filtered boiling and chilled water as well as regular hot and cold. “I’d seen all-in-one taps at Grand Designs Live and I loved the idea of having all of our water needs available from one place,” says Alison. Fortunately, when Alison came across Zip’s HydroTap All-in-One Arc, she realised she could not only have filtered chilled and boiling, but also sparkling water, alongside hot and cold. “That was what sealed the deal for me!” Alison adds. “We drink a lot of water - especially sparkling - and end up buying a large number of bottles each week. Not only is this expensive, but I’m very conscious how bad single-use plastic bottles are for the environment. The All-in-One Arc has been a worthwhile investment for the kitchen. Not only does it look great and means we don’t have multiple appliances, but the whole family is drinking more water. The children love the sparkling water especially. In fact one of the first phrases my two year old learnt to say was ‘sparkling water’!” Alison chose the All-in-One Arc in brushed chrome, complementing the grey units but still ensuring a classic, timeless look. “I love the design of the tap,” continues Alison, “I was thrilled to find a tap that did everything I wanted but still looked stylish.” A few more bells and whistles, and their family home will be complete - without any bulky, environmentally damaging water bottles cluttering it up.

Alison Potter - Testimonial by Alison Potter
The results

"I was thrilled to find a tap that did everything I wanted but still looked stylish."

Alison Potter , HydroTap All-in-One Arc

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